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He looks good when he gets out this fucker..

Fuckwit FAIL!



Fuck me, not again Vaughany, you retard.

He looks good when missing the ball, at least. No ugly hoicks across the line for this fella, no siree.


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School assignment for the kiddies … Photoshop out those stumps, then practice the shot.
It’s the future of cricket coaching.

Comment by currycricketer

You could do a spot the ball, remove the stumps and where’s it gone..

Comment by Suave

well didn’t vaughan asked for ‘consistency’ before match?

Comment by straight point

That’s a point well made! He does consistently miss straight ones!

Comment by Suave

Sachin Tendukar gets castled everytime he plays the cover drive these days. However, it is mostly of the inside edge. So Vaughan can console himself.
By the way,are you the Suave who got educated in Billericay, Essex?

Comment by 12th Man

I did get educated in Billericay, Essex yes..

Why do you ask?

Comment by Suave

I found you on LinkedIn.

Comment by 12th Man

He’s a picture of elegance that Vaughan. Look at that lovely high elbow! Textbook straight drive, did everything right.

Well, other than hit the ball, but that’s just a minor part of batting, right?

Comment by Dave

Oh, that would be me. Billericay, where I spent more time up to shenanigans than studying.. A lovely time..

Dave,he’s the best at the world at looking great whilst missing the ball.

Comment by Suave

I was looking at reconnecting with colleagues from one of my previous employer. And you were there in the search result. Completely coincidental that we have worked for the same employer, in different places though.

Comment by 12th Man

Which one?

Comment by Suave

Ergh vaughany fails magnificantly once again.

Comment by Narkins

Hewlett Packard.

Comment by 12th Man

Ah, yes.. I was there for a couple of years. Where are you based? Bangalore?

Comment by Suave

I was in Bangalore and i had worked at times with people in the Bristol labs. I am in the national capital Delhi now.

Comment by 12th Man

I have moved from tech to consulting now.

Comment by 12th Man

And now Strauss chases a wide one straight to a slip fielder. That’s the Strauss we know and love!

Comment by Dave

Consistenly useless indeed.

Comment by Miss Field

Er. Consistently.

Comment by Miss Field

You’d hope by now he’d know where his off stump is …

Comment by currycricketer

Ah, that would be too easy wouldn’t it! If he could stop missing that straight one, he’d be averaging 50+ instead of low 40’s.

Comment by Suave

He will know for certain where is offstump is, if he continues missing the straighter ones.


Comment by 12th Man

Also if he continues to miss straight ones, I intend to embed the off stump into his skull! He’ll never forget where it is then.

Comment by Suave

Suave, you are one of the finest proponents of the art of swearing that I know.

Comment by miriam

Thanks MIms, I’ve had YEARS of practice!

I was feeling the rage yesterday too.

Comment by Suave

Perhaps Broad and Anderson should open the batting in the second innings.

Comment by Dave

I reckon so Dave! They couldn’t do much worse, a 76 run partnership, only bettered by the foreign fellas!

Comment by Suave

Suave, I think you’ll find Petersen was born within the sound of bow bells, and ambrose spent his formative days helping on the Jellied Eel stand.

Comment by Spigot

Interesting to note that Anderson managed to score more than Cook, Vaughan, Collingwood and Bell put together. So much for our top order.

Comment by Dave

Act of pure guile by Vaughan. Knew there’d be swing early & help for the bowlers, so the specialist batsman were moved down the order. The other lot were given instructions to bide time (every 3 balls counts) and look good when being cocks.

Comment by currycricketer

If there has ever been a better word than fucktard I am yet to hear it.

Comment by jrod

Sir, I’ve got many lessons to teach you, in the fine art of swearing! And I must say, I’m a pretty fucking fine teacher, if I do say so myself!

Comment by Suave

You might even be fanfuckingtastic, Suave.

Comment by Dave

[…] the Ashes in 2005, but he wasn’t a bad player either (at least until he was struck by the curse of the straight one). Enjoy some of his best moments […]

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