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West Indies v Australia, day 5. oBo has stopped, as i’m bored.

Australia have declared, and set the Windies a target of 372 to win. There is 98 overs left in this match.

Windies will need to score at around 3.7 overs to win, and the Aussies obviously need to take 10wickets.

I like the fact, that the ‘strayans have opened the bowling with Clark. Positive that. The bucktoothed left arm twat, is fucking rubbish, and should be put out to pasture.

Will McGill finish his test career on a high? Fifth day pitch, playing a team with little or no confidence, should be easy as pie for him. Unfortunately, he only bowls pies now.

I’m going with a win for ‘straya.

First wicket down already, Smith has gone without troubling the scorer. Brett Lee properly worked him over!

Brett Lee is now giving Marshall the working over.. Greate short ball, and he has a little dig. Marshall plays a beautiful back foot defence next ball. He’s got a couple of bruises, and he’s just had a big shout, that no one else went up with.. Off the elbow though, so Marshall survives.

Sarwan now, facing Clark. Smash, cut shot behind square, and no-one’s moved.

OOOh he nearly had Sarwan there, the pitch looks as though it’s got a bit of uneven bounce now!

12-1 now.. And it’ll be Sarwan to face Brett Lee.

Good short ball, Sarwan gets out of the way nicely. Short leg, short cover in place.

Bit fuller, No Ball, Sarwan pushes that through covers for two.

Big slash over slips for four there. He looks like he meant that.. Just a bit of bat, and no third man.

Sarwan has a baseball attempt there, no run.

Good length, Defended to point.

Another nice delivery, defended to mid-off.

Solid from both men for the last delivery.


Extravagant leave for Marshall, against Clark. Very KP/Punter.

Dodgy looking drive, bit of inside edge there.. was aiming for mid off, ended up at a shortish mid-wicket

Good delivery, wideish, and Marshall has a swish an d miss..

nice length, well defended back to the bowler.

Another extravagant leave..

Nice over from Clark. Maiden,


I lied, it’s Michael Clarke to have a go at Sarwan, who looks like he’s up for it. Bit of a surprise this!

Two solid deliveries first up

Good line and length, pushed into the covers.

Flighted nicely and defended off the toe

Next one is defended off the inside edge.



Clark to continue..

Drives with a flourish, but straight to mid-off.

Marshall’s gone.. A great delivery there, shortish, and extra bounce off the handle, and that’s out!


In comes the Stabby McStab Stab Runako Morton. Won;t be long before we see Lord Megachief of gold..

Nice ball, Morton Stabs it back to the bowler.

Oops lost pictures now.. Bastard Sky.

Now I have to listen to the Retard that is Ian Harvey. FUCK OFF!

Pictures back, and it’s 20/2

Weirdness all round.

Clarkey continues. Which is weird when you’ve got McGill & Jonhson in the wings.

Here comes the bucktoothed one.

Nice delivery, Forward defensive, pushed into the ground.

Straight bat, forward, stroked back down the pitch.

Smacked to covers for none.

On leg, nudged square for 1..

Forward defensive, solid.

Bit wide that one, left well alone.


Greg Blewett and Ian Bishop on.

Wide, Smashed away squRE FOR TWO.

Wide down leg, swept to fine leg for two..

smashed at Symonds at silly mid something..

Banged away sqaure for three.. Sarwan’s looking good.

Played to leg for none.

Full toss, smashed to the long on boundary. 11 runs from that one..


Smashed to mid-off for one.

Defended to extra cover, and a quick single is taken.

beautiful shot, on the front foot and driven thru covers.

nice line, straight and quick, and Sarwan defends back to the bowler.

Slashed again, and ONLY JUST over the slips.. FOur.

square drive, no run.


Clarke to continue…

Nice flighted delivery, defended back to him

Trys the same, but it’s a wasted ful toss.

Defended nicely behind square on the legside, and a quick single is taken.

played to square leg for two.. Tight one, but made well by Sarwan.

Driven to the point boundary for one.

Good delivery flighted and defended back..


Johnson again.

single from a leg side nudge.

defended, off the outside edge, no run.

good line by Johnson, just outside off-stump. Windies scoring a decent clip now.

on the front foot, defends to the cover region.

The word ‘month’ doesn’t rhyme with any other word, my researchers tell me. Intriguing. Unlike the cricket being played here.

Shortish ball just outside off stump which is watchfully defended to the off side of the pitch.

Full on the leg and middle stump line. Flicked through behind square for two..


Here comes McGill, will it be a fairytale ending?

shit. No run

full toss. badly played by Sarwan

shit half volley, one run

shit half volley, no run

same again.

shit. No run, padded away outside off.


Johnson continues, and I can’t! It’s hard work this shit, and the nipper is back!

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Ooh, is this a Live Blog? will you be continuing to update?

Comment by miriam

I might do for as long as I can.. The Gris is due home soon, and I’ll have to put on Cbeebies.

Comment by Suave

I go for a draw! Chrab and Sarwan will play them to a safe draw.

Comment by 12th Man

I liked your live commentary on the IPL final Miriam. Suavey venturing into Live commentary, that’s something i would like too.

Comment by 12th Man

Why thank you 12th Man. I would ask why you didn’t comment at the time, but to be honest I was struggling to cope with the level of comments I did get.

Comment by miriam

(right, waited for 4 comments, that’s long enough)

Hey, you might get the new Cbeebies Springtime video. that is an awesome tune! Not all bad. And Charlie and Lola in a bit.

Comment by Spigot

I have a problem Miriam. I can access wordpress from office, but blogspot is blocked for me. So unfortunately, i can read all blogs as and when they are updated using my feed reader, but unfortunately can’t comment.

Comment by 12th Man

And when i go home late in the day, i don’t have time to access your blogs from home.

Comment by 12th Man

12th man, that’s almost the opposite of my problem! My wordpress comments are usually spammed out, but blogspot is fine.

Comment by miriam

It’s ok 12th man, I know not everyone is like me and that some people have what they call Lives.

Comment by miriam

Haha that sounded like it was going to be really interesting… “I have a problem Miriam”.

Comment by Miss Field

Missy, you are very naughty!

Comment by 12th Man

Maybe, but I just linked your blog on mine so do us a favour return the link would ya… please. Or just call me Sanath and drown me like a kitten.

Comment by Miss Field

on that note, I linked mine to yours Miss Field…

Comment by Spigot

Yep, noticed, appreciated, reciprocated, cheers.

Comment by Miss Field

Er, well done Suave.

Top effort, son.

Comment by Miss Field

Fuck me, ball by ball is hard!! Especially with spinners. too much like hard work.

Now if the Guardian are reading, I like hard work, as long as i’m being paid, and I’ll happily join your team! Same to you COckinfo.

Comment by Suave

Well done Suave! Ball by ball IS hard work. Over by over is quite hard enough.

Comment by miriam

Thanks for telling me this was going on, I come over and you’ve fucked off.

And where was the drinking game?

Comment by jrod

I have no alcohol in the house, and a nipper to look after now.. Not good form I’m afraid.
It’s Mims fault.. she made me.

Comment by Suave

Sorry, Jrod…

Sorry, Suave…


Comment by miriam

Thanks Mims, I’m sure that’ll make it all better.

Comment by Suave

I’ll find a way to make it up to both of you, I’m sure.

Comment by miriam

Good lass, that’s the ticket!

Comment by Suave

Perhaps you could do the BBC’s OBO commentary, Suave. You could talk about all sorts of things and only mention cricket now and then.

Comment by Dave

Shhh Dave! That’s MY dream job!

Comment by miriam

Incidentally, you’re right about Ian Harvey. Bring back Colin Croft!

Comment by Dave

Mims, we can share it.. We’ll do an innings each!

Dave, bang on. But I really need to take the auld fella shopping, Crofty’s suits are shocking!

Comment by Suave

Did you see the brown suit he wore yesterday, with the yellow tie? I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Comment by miriam

Sarwan and Chrab did it, like i predicted!

Comment by 12th Man

Of course I did Mims, that was what prompted it! They’ve been getting worse. I’m going to have to take him shopping!

Well done 12th Man, and well done the boys.

Comment by Suave

There are a couple of guys called ‘The Bunyip’ and Tom who do a decent job with OBO commentary on Stick Cricket.

Comment by 12th Man

Ah, StickCricket. A beautiful thing, is that.

Comment by Suave

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