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Park’s Prize of a Picture Metaphor!

Hark, Park done won that there quiz from last week!

Here is his prize.  A made up picture of pure delight!  For those who aren’t Australian, I’ve cleverly used part of Wolf Blass’ advertising slogan to bag McGill (if any one from Wolf Blass sees this and wants to send me a case to offer as a prize, then feel free!! RED PLEASE!)*

I reckon this one\'s off..

* If they do send me a case, none of you fuckers are getting any of it!  IT’S ALL MINE I TELLS YA!

You get a poncey picture of no real delight, and you’ll be bloody grateful!

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Such a witty chap.

I can only aspire to a picture of pure delight.

Good work.

Comment by Miss Field

Has he been at the Grecian 2000???

Comment by Ceci Masters

Missy, you need to enter the quiz, to get a made up picture of pure delight!

I reckon he has Ceci, unless it’s a very old picture.

Comment by Suave

Wolfblass is a pretty ordinary wine, bottles of it go for $10-$15 here (about 22 pence at last count)

Comment by Moses

For its price I think Wolf Blass is very good value for money. I haven’t tried any of them that I have disliked.

Comment by Miss Field

Same here Moses, it’s OK but not anything special.

I just remember the advertising campaign saying “Wolf Blass, Australian wine at its peak!”

That’s cos you’re an old soak Missy.. at your age alcohol is alcohol is alcohol 😉

Comment by Suave

Ordinary or not, I’d rather a case of Wolf Blass than a case of Fosters.

Unless I’ve got drains that need unblocking, obviously.

Comment by Dave

Too bloody right Davey boy..

Comment by Suave

Did he leave his eyes on his bedside table when he went to do the ad?

Comment by Spigot

He doesn’t have any. The man is a freak!

Comment by Suave

At least he remembered to put his false teeth in.

Comment by Dave

Thanks, Suave.
I have been in China where your Republique is obviously a threat to the Party System as your site was blocked. In fact the only cricket blogs I could view were King Cricket and Cric Info.

I smell conspiracy. Is King Cricket a communist sympathiser or a hater of the Dalai Lama?

Thanks for the Pic of Stuey in retirement. He has long been one of my favourite wine quaffing leg spinners along with Richie Benaud. I always found him a lot more interesting than Warne, if slightly less good.

Comment by Park

Just ever so slightly.

Comment by Miss Field

No worries mate.. I’m glad that I’m blocked in China! I’m going somewhere, if I’m upsetting the Chinese Authorities!

I don’t reckon a king would be a pinko commie, more likely that he’s supplying torture equipment to the chinese government.

Comment by Suave

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