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Lucky Fuckers

Jesus wept, Brett Lee is a flukey motherfucker!

Three wickets in four balls.  Thigh Pad, outside the line, dot, outside the line.

Bravo, Ramdin and Sammy have all been well and truly shafted!

Don’t get me wrong, he’s bowling well, reverse swinging the nut at real pace (99over old ball), but how the fuck did he get any of those wickets.  A zimbabwean umpire called Tiffin gave all three, when none of them should have been!

Bastard Aussies, Bastard Zimbabweans.

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Funny, when the Windies were bowling, Tiffin didn’t seem to realise LBW was a method of dismissal.

Comment by Dave

I know! He’s had a shocker! I’m amazed that he’s even there, while half of the ICC elite panel, were lording up at the IPL!

Comment by Suave


Comment by miriam

Probably not far from the truth Mims!

Comment by Suave

Did you see the other day Brett Lee had to cover up the shiny shiny sticker on his bat because it was reflecting the sun and distracting the fielders?

Yes, he actually outblinged the Windies.

I mean, outbowling them is one thing, but outBLINGING them?

Comment by miriam

Is Tiffin perhaps a Bollywood fan? Or just a bit pants?

Comment by Mel

[…] carried the Australian team through this tour of the Windies, so they’ll be there in India. Binga seems to have the umpires on side right now, so that’ll help his […]

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Those Aussies. Cheating yet again!

Comment by JB

Pity that the ICC elite panel is replete with such umpires. Asad Rauf is another one. The decisions could make the difference between a draw and yet another WI defeat!

Comment by 12th Man

I thought they were all godd decisions.

Because the game was fucken boring as until the point.

Comment by jrod

someday i will find reason behind…why they cant stand aussie appealing and piss in their pants…

Comment by straight point

I did Mims, that takes some effort to outbling the bling boys.
JB, they weren’t cheating, but all of the decisions went there way! Which is unfortunate, but not the aussie’s fault. They’re just lucky.
12th man, Asad Rauf is a pimp ass mofo though, so he’s allowed to stay!

Jrod, yes it was, but it’s very harsh on a team that can’t win for shit!

Straight Point, that’s a very good point!

Comment by Suave

4 decisions! That’s more than a certain Mr Bucknor got wrong in a certain test match. Go on Windies, threaten to cancel the series … the ICC got rid of Bucknor when India did it. See if those bastards have double standards (my thinking is they might well have).

Comment by currycricketer

Blimey, I’d not even thought of that! If the WICB started complaining, I’m sure the ICC would laugh at them for being the little poor kid in the corner, that smells of value food!
Then take them outside and kick their head in.

That’d bloody learn them.

Comment by Suave

Value food is an interesting economic study. They deliberately MAKE the packets unattractive so that you’ll buy the more expensive non-value food.

Anyway, yes, Windies, complain! I want to see what happens.

Comment by miriam

At least Benson was nice enough to give Brett Lee out off his forearm. Presumably doing his best Rudi Koertzen impression.

Comment by Dave

Indeed, he was just trying ot make up for his lunch box friend.

Comment by Suave

I appear to be behind the news. Heard Sky complaining about bravo being overruled when he said he saved a boundary though, was well rough. This Tiffin dude (lunchbox friend… nice) isn’t even in the elite panel anymore, right? Wikipedia *ahem* says he wasn’t renewed in 2004. He was pretty busy in the IPL it seems… and controversy from him there?

(btw Suave… this is me “getting out more”)

Comment by Spigot

No, they had no ICC elite umpires left, as they were all off earning a shit load in the ICC!

Good lad Spigot, it’s nice to expand your horizons!

Comment by Suave

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