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IPL, McGill and an apology to Park!

It’s over.

And thank fuck for that.  59 games, come now, that’s too much!

Rajasthan Royals won the inaugural IPL tournament.  Which I think most people expected to happen, as soon as the topped the league format.

See they were a bit streetsmart about the whole she-bang.  They are run by the company that also manages Leicester, the most successful 20-20 in England.  They bought a shrewd, super tactician in Warney, and then built a team around individual roles. They did it on the cheap, and everyone laughed at them.   I wonder how Shah Rukh Khan is feeling now?

Deserved winners, and it was a cracking final to be honest.  CSK played a decent part themselves, but Dhoni fucked up big time, at two important junctures.  Firstly he sent in Kapugedera after Raina, which went wrong, horribly.  He’s been in a poor run of form and lost the CSK momentum.  And Secondly, he gave the last over to Balaji, who had bowled shit all night.  Oops.

Also, Fleming in a dress?  What the bejaasus was that all about?

In other news, Stuart McGill has done a Damien Martyn.  I wonder if he’ll disappear of the face of the earth, like Marto did?

To be fair to Stuey, it takes balls to admit that you’re past it half way through a test match, but he’s been bowling absolutely shockingly of late.  Longhops, wides, full tosses.  It’s been like watching a spinning version of Jimmy Anderson!

Good luck with the wine and TV show Stuey, you were too good for those louts.  Anyone who reads 12 books on a tour to Pakistan, is all good.

Bring back Nice Bryce I say!

And Park, I’m sorry I haven’t created your Made up picture of pure delight yet, but I promise it’ll be here today!

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Fleming in a dress?

According to reports back in Zuld, he’d come home for the birth of Tayla’s sibling.

(Yup, that’s the correct spelling)

Comment by Sportsfreak

are you talking about Damien Fleming?

Comment by Suave

Yay you have returned.

Would it count as ‘all good’ if they were all Grug books?

Comment by Miss Field

I expected CSK to win.The RR’s got lucky.:)

It was indeed Damien Fleming wearing a dress(????)

Comment by Ottayan

I liked the “dress”.

Comment by miriam

The Royals also had a qualified sports psychologist in Jeremy Snape.
I think Macgilla will join the ICL next season like Marto and Gillespie.

Comment by 12th Man

Martyn disappeared? Is that what the BCCI do to people who join the ICL?

Comment by Dave

Dave, Gillespie is playing for the Glamorgan after playing in the ICL. So have Charl Langeveldt, Andrew Hall and Justin Kemp.The BCCI has nothing to do with that.

Comment by 12th Man

Yes Missy.. I’m back, but still not up to full speed. Job hunting is taking up lots of my time, unfortunately.

Nice, Dave!!
12th man, don’t be paranoid, Dave’s joking…

Comment by Suave

Please tell me more about this dress.

Comment by Miss Field

Not a dress as such, but all of the commentators wore traditional Indian dress, which on Fleming looked like a dress!

Comment by Suave

Damien Martyn? I do believe this happened:

Comment by Ceci Masters

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