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The Weekly Quiz of Wonderment

This weeks quiz is upon us.

It’s a toughie this week, so get your cerebral caps on!

Australian legspinning allrounder.  Loved Old Trafford.

See if you too, can join La Republique’s leader board..

The honours board is as such..

David Barry





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Richie Benaud I guess.

Comment by Narkins

Narkins, as Roy Walker would say.. “It’s good, but it isn’t the one”

Comment by Suave

Shane Warne!

3 tests at Old Trafford. 21 wickets at 20.04 and 195 runs at 48.75.

Comment by Q

It is Kerry O’Keeffe.

Comment by 12th Man

Q, It’s good, but it’s not the answer,I’m after!

12th Man, good guessing, but he’s a better bowler by far..

Comment by Suave

If i am given a second chance, i will go for Bill O reilly.
I can’t think of another all rounder!

Comment by 12th Man

You can have as many goes as you look, but it’s not Tiger…

Comment by Suave

Doug Ring

Comment by J Rod

my friend, no, it’s not mr ring! Also that’s twice you’ve mentioned arse related things on my blog today, and your post re bombay gays. Is there something you’re not telling us!

Comment by Suave

We are still meeting up for a drink aren’t we Suave?

Trevor Hohns.

Comment by J Rod

Clarrie Grimmet is it?

Comment by 12th Man

of course we can sunshine! As my missus is a fag hag, i know all the best places for you to hang out with the big knobs!
And no it’s not Trev

Comment by Suave

He got Botham out at Old Trafford once.

Comment by J Rod

not clarrie! Pre war.

Comment by Suave

he did. Wasn’t that after he’d smashed em everywhere though!

Comment by Suave

says for a duck, must have been still drunk.

Comment by J Rod

Jimmy Matthews

Comment by Park

Chuck Fleetwood-Smith

Comment by J Rod

Warwick Armstrong

Comment by Park

Bloody Park has only gone and done it!!

Well done old bean, for your first time win!

Jimmy Matthews is the answer.

In a tri-series with The England & Safferland, he took two hat-tricks against South Africa, one in each innings, at Old Trafford!

Check back tomorrow for your picture of pure delight!

Comment by Suave

Damn, bloody Victorian leg spinner and I missed it.

Comment by J Rod

Exactly, I thought you’d be on to it like a rash..Alas no.

Comment by Suave

Woohoo. Thanks Suavster.

I wish I hadn’t guessed Armstrong, but as he was fat and I thought “all rounder” might have been a word play. It would have been better to snaffle it with just one guess. Now I look desperate like Jrod.

Comment by Park

Desperate is a the normal look on this site, Park..
Desperation is my middle name!

Comment by Suave

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