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The England vs New Zealand tipping velvet.
May 15, 2008, 7:23 am
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Sportsfreak, our Kiwi brethren, has instigated a tipping competition, for the upcoming The England-NZ test series.

I’ve answered the following questions for the first test, but I know need to change them.

1. Result.  Draw.  It’s heavy rain all day today, and the forecast for tomorrow is poor.  Although days 3-5 look good

2. Session the test finishes on.  I guessed first session, fifth day.  It’ll now go to the wire

3. England top run scorer for the match.  I chose Ian Bell, and I’ll stick with that.

4. NZ top run scorer for the match.  Aaron Redmond. He’s looked good in the warm-ups

5. Who will bowl the most overs? Daniel Vettori.

6. What will the winner of the toss do? Now I think Bowl.  Cloud cover, wet, swingers paradise.

7. Second to Sidebottom, who will get the most wickets in the test? I said Hoggy, he’s out, so now I’ll go with Southee

8. Which non-keeper will take the most catches? I said Strauss, and I still stand by that.

9. What will Brendon McCullum’s strike rate be for the match? 83.  Could be higher, if both sides go for it, however, I’ll stick with that.

10. Man of the match.  I said it’d be Hoggard.  Now I think it’ll be Ian Bell

This is the current Leaderboard, I lost a point for not offering any commentary on my picks.  Highly unlike me, as you can imagine!

Teams/Players Points
Mike from Mike on Cricket 1
King Cricket 1
Well Pitched 1
Sportsfreak 0
Cricket Action Art 0
Cricket With Balls 0
The Silly Point 0
Sport Review 0
Republique Cricket -1
Ben from Mike on Cricket -1
Miss Field -1

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You’re in good company below the bottom of the ladder.

The weather forecast didn’t even cross my mind when I wrote my tips. That makes me an idiot. And soon, a losing idiot! Bloody England!

Comment by Miss Field

Aww at the blog harmony of you all playing nicely together.

Comment by miriam

I’m on the same score I made in my first ever innings.

Comment by jrod

Yes. The bottom dwellers.

Don’t be dirty.

Comment by Miss Field

What? For once, I wasn’t!
Or was I? o noes – can I not stop myself now?

*goes away to think*

Comment by miriam

Yo Katie, have you fallen down a crevasse or something?

Comment by Miss Field

I’m back, our kid! Although in pain!!

More to come soon!

Comment by Suave

Are you allergic to exercise too?

Comment by Miss Field

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