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Who’s Idea Was That?
May 14, 2008, 12:39 pm
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Those retards in the selection comittee have gone for Jimmy Anderson over Matthew Hoggard.

Selection is supposed to be based on your last performance.  That’s why Hoggy was dropped, yet they chose the shithead, I can’t bowl more than one good session consecutively, pretty boy, tossbag, Jimmy Anderson.

Fucking hell, his last test was a shocker.  Vaughany wouldn’t even throw him the ball, Collingwood was first change.  How shit do you have to bowl, that colly get’s first change?

VERY!  That’s how shit.

I’m fucking angry at this, as you can probably tell.

Bastard Anderson better bowl out of his skin or I’ll find him and decapitate him.  His head will be found floating down the Regents Canal.

Rant over

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Who does make the final decision on the team – Vaughan or Moores? As you say, Vaughan didn’t use Jim in the last test v much – but he was all of a flutter about new blood, new spirit, new energy, new age, new dawn etc etc. If I was Hoggy I’d set my dogs on the pair of them (and KP).

I actually like Jim and have seen him bowl excellently – but not erm… all the time. But I wish him well because I want to see England do well and I remain to be convinced that NZ will lie down and die as they are predicted to do so, and that we will not find yet another way to perform badly

Comment by Ceci Masters

Bobbitt him!

Comment by Ottayan

CeciNo, at home it’s the selectors. Which is a comittee formed of Moores, Geoff Miller, Michael Vaughan, probably Gilo too. I can’t remember the whole lot.
That’s the thin Ceci, so have I, he just doesn’t do it often enough. But if he fails at Lords, I’m going to Bobbitt him, as Ottayan suggests!

Comment by Suave

Obviously Miller does not appreciate Hoggy’s brand of humor

Comment by Homer

It’s probably more that he doesn’t want anyone in the side, who doesn’t talk about themselves in the third person. The sociopath!

Comment by Suave

Perhaps its got to do with Jimmy’s categorization as ‘strike’ and Hoggy’s as ‘stock’. Without Harmy and Flintoff, they wanted a strike. Plus Jimmy’s bowling against India was not too long ago, right?

Comment by John

John, you make a good point, but The Hoggster is a strike bowler..

His strike rate has gone up to 56 now, but that’s still pretty good.

Comment by Suave

“Hoggard got through a lot of overs for us when I was coach, but that was when he was quicker and sharper. If he hasn’t regained that sharpness, you’ve got to be very careful about including him in an attack without a spinner. And I’ve always held Jimmy Anderson in high regard: he’s a good swing bowler sending it down at 85-90mph. The only problem is he can be a bit wayward at times, and can’t always do the holding job

That might have made his selection a tricky decision, but on balance they’ve done the right thing by going for the attacking option and playing Anderson, who has been bowling well for Lancashire. Had Flintoff played, it would have been a tough choice, especially with concerns over his ankle. Against this New Zealand side, I might even have been tempted to risk batting him at No6, and make him part of a five-man attack.”

Thats Duncan Fletcher in The Guardian.

Comment by John

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