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Vote Bumble
May 13, 2008, 1:42 pm
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After yesterday’s post, Mel & Ceci have been hard at work, creating more propaganda for the vote bumble campaign!

Here are their latest two pictures of pure delight!

Monsiuer Le Bumble, with zeez onions, you are really spoiling us!

Excuse the francais, it appears that myself and Ceci keep getting the sex wrong.  Fnarr Fnarr!

This one is a little NSFW, but I don’t know how to insert a Cutid.. If anyone can help me here, all suggestions welcome..


Vote Bumble, you know it makes sense!

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He’s the Lancastrian it’s ok to like. There, I’ve said it…

Comment by lentheyorkshirekitman

Too true Len, how can you not love Bumble.

Comment by Suave

And for those who don’t know Len..

Here’s his site..

Comment by Suave

Um…we both posted the same Carla Bruni on the same day. That’s a little weird.

Weird yet not suprising.

Comment by The Atheist

I don’t get a face!



Comment by The Atheist

He’s got my vote, even if he is a Northerner.

I bet I don’t get a face either, Atheist.

Comment by Dave

Am v grateful, Suave mon brave, that you have introduced us to Len who despite his Yorkshireness is v funny and whose summary of the dismissal of M Vaughan is masterly

Comment by Ceci Masters

Ath, go to, and you can set up your own one. Only people who set theirs up can get faces now.

I know, Len is great! I’m down with Len now.

Comment by Suave

Bumble and Len – the dream ticket?

Comment by Mel

Beautiful Mel, I never knew you wer such a cracker, no wonder Mr Ramps gets all weird when you’re at the Oval without Mr Mel!

They are the dream ticket, indeed. The only two northeners that could get the southern vote.
well maybe King Cricket, but he can’t really get involved in a republic, now can he?!

Comment by Suave

From Bumble’s Sky blog:

“While I was at Canterbury, I met a friend of the girl who set up the Facebook group campaigning for me to become Prime Minister.

I had a chat with her on the phone and hopefully we’ll get a thread going between this blog and the Facebook group. “

Comment by A P Webster

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