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Bumble love.
May 12, 2008, 11:09 am
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love David “Bumble” Lloyd. I love him in a slightly unhealthy way, but let’s not tell him that.

In my mythical cricket family, he’s my wacky uncle. Christmastime would be a whole heap of fun with Uncle Bumble around for dinner. Daddy Suave doing a wonderful introduction, Uncle Bumble for the after dinner speeches. How cool would that be?

In this, I know I’m not alone. Ceci & Mel, two ladies with a whole lot of love, woooooawwww, a whole lot of love, wooooooaawww, also love the Bumble, and they want him to run for Prime Minister of our green and pleasant land.

They’ve set up a facebook group here..

I can’t go so far as to endorse that fully (sorry lasses), because I remember all too well his tenure as coach of The England team in the early-mid 90’s.

However, if he builds the right team around him, I will fully endorse him. I’ll donate illegally, rig votes, threaten people at polling stations, and if I wasn’t the Suave Leader of La Republique, I’d happily accept a peerage from him.

But this is a republic, and I’m the leader. What I need is a figurehead, of all things wonderful.

What I plan to do is nominate him as Le Président de la République Cricket.

Bumble Pour la présidence!

I love you Uncle Bumble!

Vive La Republique!

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I’m not sure how Bumble would feeling about being la Président. Le Président de la République Cricket, perhaps.

Comment by David Barry

Thanks David!!

French was never my strong point.
Come to think of it, I don’t know if I have a strong point? How does one go about finding that?

Comment by Suave

Je soutiens votre décision Monsieur Suave.
Bumble pour le président de la République.

Comment by 12th Man

Bumble is one of my favourite English commentator. I know he is from Lancashire. What is the origin of ‘bumble’?

Comment by 12th Man

I don’t actually know to be honest, 12th Man.. I shall see if I can find out!

Comment by Suave

Apparently the reason for the nickname ‘Bumble’ is:

“Because his profile, involving a prominent proboscis, is not unlike that of animation characters called ‘Bumblies’ featured in one of the late Michael Bentine’s childrens’ television programmes.”

(I got this off the internet, so it must be true).

Thanks for the plug, Suave!

Comment by Mel

A pleasure, dear Mel!
And thanks for answering that question!

Comment by Suave

Everyone should have an uncle like Bumble. The sort of uncle who tells you rude jokes, much to the displeasure of your mum.

Comment by Dave

Dave, too right.

That’s why I have my mythical family. My real uncles are no way near as funny.

Comment by Suave

Strongly suspect however that Bumble, altho’ the most genial and jocular of uncles would also be the one who would show you how to play poker and relieve you of all your pocket money.

Comment by Ceci Masters

Bang on, teaching you the stuff you really need to learn!

Comment by Suave

Is the word “jocular” ever used to refer to anyone apart from an uncle? It’s like the word “embattled” – only ever used for a wronged wife.

Comment by miriam

Embattledaxe’s eh! I’ve got a few of those in my closet!

Comment by Suave

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