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The England Lions replaced by replicants.

Robert Key, was yesterday replaced by an evil replicant.  Unfortunately for those that made the trip to The Rose Bowl, Hampshireshire, the evil replicant was no match for the real super Rob, as it failed to get the ball off the square all morning.  The real robert sir robert, would have flayed them to all parts, whilst laughing maniacally!  HA HAA, BRING ME MORE PIES!  He might have said.

For a look at the real reasons for his dismissals, have a look at Kingy Cricketings here..

Michael Carberry also seems to have been replaced, with a lesser version of himself.  But seriously, who cares?  Not me, that’s who, and as I am all-powerful leader of the republic, I have a lot of say around these parts!

The Lions crawled, and when I say crawled, I don’t mean baby speed crawling, I mean bloke with broken leg, dragging himself down a fucking mountain, after nearly dying, crawling, to 48-0 at Lunch.

In the next session, they lost 5-40, and appeared to be on their way to a miserable little total, until Luke Wright decided to get medieval on their arses!

Yes, the little fella went batshit and scored 120 at a strike rate of 91, to put them up to a decent 280.

Hopefully, we’ll see the real Rob Key back today, directing the troops in the only way he knows.  MAGNIFICENTLY!!

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Hope isn’t necessary.

Just believe and He will deliver.

Comment by King Cricket

How silly of me.

how can one forget that the robkey replicant is only ever in town when negative thoughts happen.

Positivity is the Key!

Comment by Suave

I think a Rob Key replicant might have been at the Oval on Monday too. I didn’t see any of the 3-ball duck because I arrived 5 minutes late, and when Kent were fielding the man with “Key” on his shirt looked suspiciously slim.

Comment by miriam

Someone was obviously in bad mood that day.

He only appears when there is negative energy.

Probably Geraint Jones fault, the little twerp!

Comment by Suave

I don’t like my “monster”. Can’t I have a more feminine one? Kingcricket’s one has lipstick on! And look at how cool Park’s one is! It’s so unfair.

Comment by miriam

Unfortunately not Mims. They are randomly generated. I’ll have a look into it though, as it’s you.

Comment by Suave

yay! also, my monster is pulling a right moody face.

Comment by miriam

I like the raised eyebrow…

Comment by Suave

I can do that in real life, actually.

Comment by miriam

That only happens to me when severely inebriated. Which is a shit.

Also I love the fact that KC’s new avatar, has a monocle!

Comment by Suave

Suave, i would want to know how to add pictures to posts in WordPress. I don’t see any menu that asks me to upload one. Help me out.

Comment by 12th Man

I want my monster back! I bet I’m going to be a lardy shape. Meet Miss Wide.

Comment by Miss Field

HAHA no that is awesome!

Comment by Miss Field

Will walloping 120 actually be enough to get little Luke into the side? I do hope so but I fear not….

Comment by Ceci Masters

Hurrah! I am Keysian pink!!!!

Comment by Ceci Masters

Hang on a sec! how come the other girls have pretty pink and purple monsters? THIS IS SO UNFAIR!

Comment by miriam

This is confusing. Now I look suave.

Suave doesn’t look like a King though, although there is a slight resemblance to me. Kind of simple looking.

Comment by King Cricket

Even David Barry gets a pink avatar.

Comment by miriam

Right you lot. It’s back to the ludo men for you!

Comment by Suave

o noes! i liked the pretty colours! I’ll stop whingeing, I promise. I know that there are people out there who don’t have an avatar at all and that I should count my blessings.

Comment by miriam

Toolate Mims, I feel that the avatars were taking away from the seriousness of this sites content!

Comment by Suave

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Comment by Hitesh

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