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Bored of the IPL
May 8, 2008, 12:12 pm
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I’m bored of it.

I don’t care who wins or loses.

Surely the idea of a tournament is to care who wins?!

I’m a little on the busy side, as I’m finishing my current job tomorrow, and have to prepare and handover my work to another mug.

More updates when i can get the time.

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Too many cooks spoil the broth.
Too many matches kill the interest.
I don’t see this event happening next year unless they revise the number of matches being played.

Comment by 12th Man

It needs to be played over a shorted period, or it will die out.

It’s like the 50 over world cup in the caribbean, too long, too tedious, and too f*cking long¬!

Comment by Suave

I don’t know. I’m kind of bored at the moment, in these days before I go back to Australia. Having a refreshing Cricinfo scorecard of the latest IPL game makes the afternoons more fun.

Comment by David Barry

I do have them ticking along too David, I just don’t get any excitement from them.. Even the last game, which finished with a last ball victory!

Comment by Suave

A 12-day tournament. Teams may have to play more than once a day. Put the pressure on the buggers.

Are you off to do PR for the Fail Boat?

Comment by Miss Field

Something like that Missy. No more than a 20 day tournament should be grand.

Not sure yet, I’ll take a couple of weeks off, then see where I fancy!

Comment by Suave

The IPL is still on?

Comment by Samir Chopra

afraid so Samir, hopefully it’ll get interesting again at the semi-final stage..

You could always follow Miriam from CWB’s advice..

Comment by Suave

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