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What’s happened to Taunton?

Somerset’s county ground, Taunton is usually the flattest, easiest batting wicket in the whole of county cricket (although Chelmsford isn’t far behind).

Something weird has happened though, in 40 overs of cricket, 12 wickets have fallen.

Somerset were all out for 126, with James Tomlinson (who he?), taking 8-46.  Somerset hit back with two wickets in the first two overs, to leave Hampshire at a pretty precarious 6-2.  John Crawley & KP need to look to steady that ship now.

The sad thing about this, is that Somerset will most likely be punished for providing a below standard pitch. In fact,  I think they should be punished for all the flat ones they produce.

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The worst thing about this is that Somerset have a “good” line-up that also promises depth.

Damn their pants!

Comment by The Atheist

And also, KP and John Crawley are making it look like a decent pitch too.

Comment by Suave

Damn KP. And damn John Crawley.

Damn everyone who isn’t from Hampshire but plays for them anyway! They do it just to spite me.


Comment by The Atheist

Bastards one and all…

Not proper hampshireans though.

Daddy Nicholas and Master Gower are proper hampshireeans.

Comment by Suave

Are Hampshire going to have a different captain for every match? Is is going to be offered to everyone in the team (except of course the vile KP?)

Comment by Ceci Masters

KP won’t play another game for Hampshire this season. Before I moved to reading for Uni I used to go down to the rose Bowl Quite a lot and never ever saw KP in a Hampshire Shirt.
Had to make do with Warne

Comment by Narkins

Hopefully, they’ll make Nic Pothas captain in the second innings.

Then we will crush them. We will crush them like tiny moths caught in my giant lamp trap.

Comment by The Atheist

they’re going to need something special i reckon afey. Cos you’re gonna get a spanking. Ceci, i can’t believe you hate kp and love the halfwit harmy! Also welcome to narkins, i know what you mean. I very rarely see master cook down at the essex. Not really a bad thing though, as he’s not the most exciting batsman

Comment by Suave

I still remember the day when Ganguly took Vaas and co to the cleaners in the 1999 World cup with a masterly 183. India managed to make 373 which was a mammoth score in ODI’s at that time. From 1999 to 2008, Taunton’s nature hasn’t changed one bit. The pitch on offer in the Somerset-Hampshire game has to be sub-standard to produce such a low score.

Comment by 12th Man

Hi there

Could not find a contact email on this site so thought I’d comment

Would you please consider linking to my new site

It is a new blog but I have been a columnist on the official Essex CCC website for year. So best list me as thegrumbleronline (essex) I think.

I will, of course, reciprocate.

Agree with you about Ravi by the way. But I have a problem with him right now. He is playing so well he is going to do something stupid like get called up.

The Grumbler

Comment by The Grumbler

The Grumbler, welcome to La Republique!

Of course, check back soon, and your link will be in the cricket section!

What’s happened to Varun Chopra by the way? Will he step back in when Cooky rejoins The England?

Comment by Suave

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