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David Barry wins ANOTHER made up picture of pure delight!

David Barry from statty heaven Pappus’ Plane, the first twotime winner of the weekly quiz of wonderment, correctly guessed that it was Michael Atherton, in yesterday’s quiz!

Former leggy. Cockroach with bad back.

He was a legspinning all-rounder in his younger days. Steve Waugh nicknamed him the cockroach, as you couldn’t stamp him out, and he suffered from Ankylosing Spondylitis for most of his career.

That makes David, the king of the six word quiz.

Bow before his supreme knowledge.

And here is his lovely prize.

Statisticians do it continuously but discretely.

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Suave,the guy in the picture looks more like a scorer than a statistician! Just that the calculator beside him is misguiding.
Congrats David.

Comment by Mukundhan

It’s all right, Mukundhan. Bill Frindall’s awesome. Thanks Suave.

Comment by David Barry

Mukundhan, Bill Frindall has been the test match special scorer and statistician for the last 42 years.
He’s probably the most famous cricket statistician in the world.

Glad you liked it David!

Comment by Suave

Excuse my ignorance Suave.
Just now checked that out on Wikipedia.

Comment by 12th Man

No worries, old bean!

You’ve learnt something new today, which is always a good thing!

Comment by Suave

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