Suave's Republique Cricket

It’s time for the weekly quiz of wonderment!

That time again children.

Last weeks winner was Jrod @ Cricket With Balls, for successfully guessing Ray Lindwall.

This weeks, is as follows.

Former leggy.  Cockroach with bad back.

Good luck ladies and gentlemen.

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Shivnarine Chandrepaul.

Comment by J Rod

Good guess wonderhorse. But no, it’s not.

you look like a girl monster.

Comment by Suave

Ok that’s my last guess.

Fancy a metro man like you bagging a dude for wearing pink.

Comment by J Rod

I’d never bag a man for wearing pink, it’s more the dress.

Comment by Suave

Mike Atherton. I win!

Comment by David Barry

I have no idea, I just want to see what monster icon I get.

Comment by miriam

David Barry, did done do it again!

The correct Answer is Mr Atherton!

Comment by Suave

I was going to say Paul Adams, but I suppose he’s not a ‘former’ leggy, as he’s still playing. In fact, I suppose he’s not really a proper leggy at all.

He must have a bad back, though.

Comment by Dave

What’s with the gay monster things??

Comment by Sportsfreak

I’m just posting see if I get a monster.

Comment by The Atheist

I do! it’s a sort of…floating prune with flappy things and a condom on its head.


Comment by The Atheist

Sportsfreak, it’s a new wordpress feature, that I thought I’d try. It’s a bit shit to be honest.

Although I’ll leave it up to you lot, to decide if you want them to stay.

Comment by Suave

I say let them stay. What’s the alternative? The shadowy ludo men?


Comment by King Cricket

On second thoughts, what the eff is that? Am I fat or is that my face? Are those full, pouting lips hovering above my tentacles? Why the eff have I got full, pouting lips.

It’s an outrage. Bring back the shadowy ludo men, say I.

Comment by King Cricket

Mmm, you’re pretty when you’re angry KC. Especially with the pouty lips!

Comment by Suave

That’s easy for you to say. Your onscreen representation’s stunningly attractive.

My cartoon monster representation of the self would have no chance with your cartoon monster representation of the self.

Your cartoon monster representation of the self would tell mine that it was washing its hair or something if mine had the temerity to ask it out.

Not that it would…

Comment by King Cricket

Then I can only add, that the monsters are apparantly mirroring life.

Comment by Suave

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