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Jrod, the wonderhorse.

Lusty Leggy ExtraordinaireLovely Leggy (Nice Bryce)Bally Kiwi, how did he get in here!

Here is Jrod’s prize, for guessing correctly that the six word quiz answer, was Ray Lindwall, a pocket rocket, if ever there was one.

Here’s to you, you lusty leggy!

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Comment by Hitesh

Oh it’s beautiful.

And it’s all for me.

I won’t even complain about the spinner who was born in New Zealand and played for South Australia.

Comment by J Rod


Comment by miriam

I also like the fact when I comment it says J rod on J rod.

Comment by J Rod

It is all for you, champ!

He started at victoria, before moving to South Austrlia. he took 8-81 in a sheffield shield match.

from his wiki.

He played club cricket in Sydney for 3 years. After marrying a Victorian, he moved to Melbourne, where he played first-class cricket for Victoria.

That’s some real-deal action going on there. I bet you watch in the mirror like Patrick Bateman

Comment by Suave

I’m a big Phil Collins fan to.

Comment by J Rod

Nice. I can feel it coming in the air tonight!

Oh lord.

Comment by Suave

If i ever win another quiz, i’d like Peter McIntyre, Craig Howard and Cameron White to be used.

Comment by J Rod

I was going to use Cameron White, but thought better of it..

He’s not a bloody leg spinner. He bowls leg-pies.

Comment by Suave

Don’t tell Nice Bryce this, but i thought Cam out bowled him in the shield final.

Comment by J Rod

So he does bowl sometimes?! That is news to me.

I will use him next time you win.

Comment by Suave

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