Suave's Republique Cricket

Friday Photo.

Beach Cricket

Photo from Flickr user Vapours.

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Ever tried your hand at beach cricket Suave?

Comment by 12th Man

I have indeed 12th man. It’s a tough game. I can bat, but cannot bowl for toffee on a beach.

Comment by Suave

The sea breeze makes dumb bowlers look extremely threatening. I remember an instance when a swinging ball hurled at pace nearly rearranged by friend’s balls.

Comment by 12th Man

How did you go with all those rocks?

Comment by Miss Field

Yeah, I got bowled nicely by one from the breeze. I was leaving it, as it looked about three yards wide of offstump, then the death rattle.

Ha, good one Missy. Very few of our beaches are rocky. Especially south/southwest.

Comment by Suave

Please submit your site to is a free cricket directory of cricket blogs and sites

Comment by Hitesh

I just want to see what monster I look like.

Comment by David Barry

Yeah! Two arms pointing UP!

Comment by David Barry

I like Jrod’s manly look.

Comment by Miss Field

I love the new monsters! much better than those silly mathemetical designs.

Comment by Suave

I have got a shit! monster.
But i will take it.
How do they allot these? Random?

Comment by 12th Man

Looks like you had an extended weekend Suavey! Howz ya doin’?

Comment by 12th Man

I’m a little love heart.


Or maybe just a blob. Far more likely.

Comment by Miss Field

It’s completely random, 12th Man.

I did, thanks, it was a bank holiday yesterday, so I was on the beach with The Gris (my daughter).

Should be back and posting properly soon!

Comment by Suave

You look like a tooth Suave.

Comment by Miss Field

What explains your penchant for French dear Suave? You seem to be using French quite often in your blogs!

Comment by 12th Man

Don’t talk to me about teeth!”

Do I? Quelle Suprise! How queer..

Being so close to France, we share a lot of phrases, I guess the seep into my subconscious.

Comment by Suave

I think I can see the Atheist creeping up behind you with a rather large knife.

Comment by Miss Field

Gah! Run for the hills

Comment by Suave

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