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Cricket Ground Fail!

New Road, Worcestershire. Groundsman Fail!

This is New Road, Worcestershire’s ground.

Every winter it is flooded. Most Summers it survives.

Last year, it looked like this.

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I hope there’s an engineer out there that lost their job and maybe their qualification for that.

Comment by Miss Field

It’s been there for years.

Unfortunately, when it was developed no-one thought that having the longest river in the whole of Britain next to the ground, would be a problem.

Epic Fail.

Comment by Suave


Comment by Miss Field

Indeed!! Someone deserves a medal

Comment by Suave

and a Darwin Award

Comment by Miss Field

You only get a darwin award, when your actions kill you.
I’m not certain the architect was flooded by the river, whilst building.

Comment by Suave

would have been funny though

Comment by Miss Field

That would have been brilliant!

Comment by Suave

Maybe the engineer had prior experience building pools.

Comment by 12th Man

I’d love a swimming pool that big!

That would be acer, than the acest thing, in ace land.

Comment by Suave

Why don’t they move the facility to somewhere reliable? Like higher ground.

I think it must have been O’Reilly’s men.

Comment by Miss Field

There doesn’t appear to be any space in the whole of Worcestershire, which amazes me.
Here in London (the most densely populated city in Europe), we have two cricket grounds, and about seven world class football stadiums. Yet out in leafy worcs, no space.

Comment by Suave

It’s a good size for a swimming pool, though the brown water is sightly disconcerting.

Comment by Dave

Dave, I spend my working life swimming thri shit, so that’s nae bother to me!

Comment by Suave

wow, now thats fail.

Comment by emp1r3

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