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Yousuf Youhana signs for Lancashire.

His mama call him Youhana, I'm a call him youhana

In what can only be seen as a way of earning anything at all, whilst not able to participate in either of the Indian league 20-20 tournaments, Youhana has signed for Lancashire, to replace Brad Hodge.

This is good news for Lancashire, as they now have a player that is definitely not going to join the IPL, and can play four day and one day cricket.

Lancashire really do look tidy this season.  They’ve got a pace attack to scare the bejaasus out of opposition batsmen, a middle order as good as lot of international sides, and the finest all-rounder The England have produced in along time, but they’ll never win the championship when it rains so much oop north.

Which is just as it should be.

Bloody northerners.

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1) He is no longer Yousuf Youhana. He has re-christened himself as Mohammed Yousuf and taken to Islam.
2) His beard is missing. Didn’t you find a latest photograph of his? Or is it that you thought he looks a lot smarter in this one?

-Mukundhan (12th Man from here on)

Comment by 12 th Man

I know that 12th Man! It was a chance to throw in references from Coming To America.
They talk about Muhammed Ali, and the guy says,
His Mama call him Clay, i’m a call him clay.

Comment by Suave

Ha ha.
I was sure you know that mate. I saw that in the “tag” associated with the post. I was wondering why you referred to him as “Youhana”. Got it clarified now.

Comment by 12 th Man

I agree with Suave, mostly because The royal penis is clean, your Highness.

Whoops no royal peens here.

Comment by J Rod

That’s better, you remember where you are sonny Jim!
This is a republic, created for the people, by the people.

Damn that boy’s good!
Yeah, good and tewwible.

Comment by Suave

They’re playing pass the parcel. Yousuf does not get a pass into the IPL, Ponting leaves KKR to join Australia, Hodge not selected by Australia leaves Lancashire to join KKR to replace Ponting, Lancashire pick up Yousuf to replace Hodge.

Free trade?

Comment by Q

Bang on Q.. It’s capitalism at it’s finest/worst.

Comment by Suave

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