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Rob Key reacts to captaincy of England Lions
April 30, 2008, 11:42 am
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Surprise Buttsecks!!

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Rob key for captain!Its high time Rob Key replaces Vaughan as captain, whose last century, if i remember was in Trent Bridge against India. He has staked a claim with a timely 178* against the Kiwis. Now or never i say!

Comment by Mukundhan

Suave, do not misinterpret the bewildered reaction of Key in the picture. He is pleasantly shocked.

Comment by Mukundhan

Good points all, Mukundhan! I would like to see Vaughan replaced, based on current form, and I reckon Key would be the ideal man.

Steve Waugh has huge respect for the man, because they slated him something rotten, and it didn’t bother him one iota! Next game, they kept quiet.

Also, nice blog.. I’ve addded you to my links section!

Comment by Suave

Thanks Suave. That’ll help my blogs get some more viewership. To some extent, you and Jrod inspired me to dedicate a seperate blogspace for writing about cricket. Thanks for that too.

Comment by Mukundhan

No problem!

In turn, it was Jrod, Are you a left arm chinaman and King Cricket that got me on the road, so it’s good to see that we’re all creating!

Comment by Suave

I told my english teacher I’d create an army, with or without good grammar.

Comment by J Rod

Exactly, who needs good grammar when you’ve got big fucking cojones!

Comment by Suave

Jrod’s grammar has been getting better lately; I’ve spotted the odd possessive AND abbreviative apostrophe. I hope the cojones aren’t shrinking accordingly.

Comment by miriam

I do hope these cojones are metaphorical Suave – I cannot possibly believe you to be sexist…

Comment by Ceci Masters

Obviously Ceci.. I’m as unsexist as they come, little lady 😉

Comment by Suave

when did you get all . com, my boys all growns up

Comment by J Rod

Jrod, has it taken you that long to realise.

Exactly a month since I set up

Comment by Suave

Wow I’m mentioned in that one and i missed it.

Comment by J Rod

Yes you are.
Everyone missed that one, it would seem.

Comment by Suave

Suave, with your blessing – for you are the founder, leader and spiritual figurehead of the lolcricket movement – I’d like to dabble in a bit of lolcricket/failcricket on my blog. Do you approve?

Comment by currycricketer

Of course Currycricketer.. Feel free!

Comment by Suave

[…] the blessing of Suave – father, leader and spiritual figurehead of the lolcricket movement – I’ll be posting some […]

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Thank you sir.

Comment by currycricketer

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