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Weekly quiz of wonderment. The prize!
April 29, 2008, 2:44 pm
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Ozmoses is the winner, bow before his knowledge!

As I was away on holiday, I never got round to giving the prize for the last six word quiz.  That is remedied above.   Another picture of pure delight.  This one was much harder than the last, as there seems to be about three pictures of Bernard Bosanquet on the whole wwwwwwwweb. (looks like a Harmison over!)

Well done to Miriam for guessing correctly too.

Check again later today, for this weeks “Weekly quiz of wonderment!”

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I want a costume like his.

And an awesome hat like his too.

Comment by Miss Field

His hat looks like goatse!
Don’t google it, whatever you do. I will explain if necessary!

It is a grand look, but then he was exceedingly posh.

Comment by Suave

Was he… suave?

I don’t know what that means and now I feel foolish AND curious.

You got me in a corner here sir.

Comment by Miss Field

You’re a corker Suave, but have to admit to being a slavish Harmy admirer so please excuse when I SHOUT AT YOU every time you cast aspersions on my favourite Tortured Soul

Comment by Ceci Masters

It’s you and me Ceci in this war on terror. He picks on my Vaughany too.

He’s so wrong. He’s terrible.

Comment by Miss Field

Oh yes! He was an amateur cricketer, and amatuers played cricket for fun. They got seperate entrances to the players (amateurs were gentlemen), and all sorts of things like that. More of that when i finish the “anyone but england” book. it’s taking longer than expected.

Goatse was a website set up to show the shock on peoples faces, when they saw an image of a man holding his anus wide (and I mean WIDE) open, by grasping it from both sides.
> 0 <

That sort of thing..

Thanks Ceci. I love being shouted at, no-one does it anymore. I thought I’d upset someone by calling H Singh a smug pr*ck, but no. Everyone’s too nice!

Comment by Suave

It’s because everyone agrees that H Singh is just that.

That’s amazing, I’m really glad I didn’t google that. I was horrified enough when my brother told me to visit

So you mean the logo, not the hat, because that is one cool hat.

Comment by Miss Field

Suave, a bit of ice cream on the lip and you and he could be brothers.

Comment by J Rod

I thought there may be a few Indians that would see it and get angry. More slating aussies, I reckon.

You’re not too far wrong there old boy, I used to have a blazer just like it, when I was going through my Mod phase!

Comment by Suave

What era is this bloke from in his stripy pyjama top.

Comment by Miss Field

See here for more details..

Comment by Suave

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