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April 29, 2008, 3:55 pm
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This weeks quiz is as follows.


I may have exaggerated this slightly, by a mis-reading of his wikipedia page. He took three wickets in four overs against Victoria. He then scored 138no against queensland in the next match. I thought he’d done both against Victoria, so I’ve changed it slightly..

Further Update: Jrod has guessed correctly.  Ray Lindwall was the answer.

Proper quick, unstoppable yorker. A dragon

This is a tough one, but I’m sure someone will get it..

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David Barry

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Lot’s of proper quicks destroy Victoria.

Comment by J Rod

That’s true enough chap!

Comment by Suave

Proper quicks who destroyed us this year.

Shaun Tait, Brett Lee (with bat), Mark Cameron, Ben Hilfenhaus, Brett Geeves.

But I think the answer is Safraz Narwaz.

Comment by J Rod

I don’t know if George Giffen could be considered fast, but he did take three 9fors against Victoria.

Comment by David Barry

It’s not Sarfraz.
George Giffen was a medium pace off spinner, so it’s not him..

Comment by Suave

Fred Trueman as he is of course a right proper fast bowler; “unstoppable yorker” in the sense that he was a Yorkshireman you couldn’t shut up (a lot of them about); “destroyed Victoria” – does he hold some sort of record for eating Victoria sponge cakes for cricket teas – probably whilst talking unstoppably with his mouth full.

Comment by Ceci Masters

Maybe he means Queen Victoria?

Is it Benjamin Disraeli?

Comment by The Atheist

Darren Gough

A Yorkshire boy who was quick.
Probably danced on the toes of a girl called Victoria.

Comment by Park

What is it with yorkshire men and victoria? Have you all gone mad.

They’re not english.

Comment by Suave

They’re not English? They??? Lillee and Thompson??

Comment by ceci masters

Sorry, perhaps I should re-phrase.

He is not English, and he is not either of the two you mentioned Ceci!

Comment by Suave

Suave, I thought you’d been extra clever and picked a lady cricketer, as you’ve been gender-neutral throughout this post, until that last comment.

Comment by miriam

I only know three female cricketers mims.

Isa Guha, Katherine Brunt, and Jenny Gunn.

I’m looking to expand on that obviously, but for the moment I’m concentrating on Miss Brunt. Hubba hubba.

Comment by Suave

Isa is very hot too.

Comment by J Rod

She is indeed. But I knew you were hankering after her, so didn’t want to step on your toes.

That’s the kind of guy I am!

Comment by Suave

Prince Albert?

Comment by The Atheist

Atheist, no, it’s not a member of the British Royal family.

That much i will tell you!

Comment by Suave

This is too tough because there seem to be too many correct answers. Prince Albert indeed! Rebecca Loos? Ray Davies? According to google, it is none other than Michael Kasprowicz, though “unstoppable yorker” may be a bit of an exaggeration.

Comment by skchai

Skchai, can’t be Kaspa, as it says proper quick, and the only thing he was proper quick to is the buffet.

Comment by J Rod

No it’s not Kaspa..
I’ve updated it, as I’d misread his Wiki page.

It’s now..

Proper quick, unstoppable yorker. A dragon

Comment by Suave

I guess it is Jason Gillespie.
A glamorgan dragon.

Comment by 12 th Man

Good guess but further back in time you must go.

Comment by Suave

wasim akram?

Comment by straight point

Good guess SP. He did have a wonderful yorker.

He’s Australian. He played rugby league too.

Comment by Suave

OK so he is from NSWales.

Alan Davidson?

Comment by J Rod

Bloody Hell its Ray Lindwall isn’t it, Keith’s main man and i missed it.

Comment by J Rod

Hurry up man, I wont my pic dammit.

A monarchy would have given me my prize by now.

Comment by J Rod

Sorry I was tied up by the missus.

Indeed you did! J Rod is the winner!

I’ll do you a lovely prize tomorrow. Promise.

Comment by Suave

Yeah baby.

Comment by J Rod

Ray Lindwall? never heard of him.

Comment by miriam

Never heard of him?!

over 200 wickets at 23. 1500 runs at 21. A proper all-rounder, but not quite as good as Jrod’s favourite Keith Miller.

Richie Benaud said that Lindwall was “technically the best fast bowler” that he ever saw.

Comment by Suave

You asked me to go ‘back in time’. I never thought i had to go back a 100 years! I haven’t heard about this guy at all. Congrats J Rod.

Comment by 12 th Man

Suave, why are there all these heathens on your site?

Comment by J Rod

THANK YOU 12th Man.

I had heard of Keith Miller.

And yes, congrats J Rod.

Comment by miriam

That’s what I’m talking about Jrod!!

Have you not read any of the past quizzes?

I’ve has Walter Hammond, Bernard Bosanquet and Azharuddin. There’s a mix of old and young.

Next week, it’ll be newer player.

Comment by Suave

How is he a dragon?

Comment by 12th Man

He played club cricket for St Georges. And Rugby League for St Georges Dragons.

Comment by Suave

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