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Yeehaw!! Harbhajan the halfwit banned for 11 games.
April 28, 2008, 12:15 pm
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Look at that face, I'd love to imprint my cricket boots onto his face!

Harbhajan Singh has been sensationally banned for 11 games, for slapping Sree Sreesanth. Video evidence was shown, that proved there was no provocation, and Halfwit Harbhajan admitted guilt.

This now ends his IPL campaign for the Mumbai Indians (no bad thing as they didn’t win a game with him as skipper).

The BCCI are also looking into the incident, and may be dealing with this seperately. Let’s hope they throw the twat out.

I can understand the urge to slap Sreesanth, everyone can, but without provocation, you need to be a little more mature in your actions. Especially with a few million people watching.

No, let’s hope that Harbhajan disappears into obscurity, never to be seen again. That smug look on his face makes me want to hulk smash him, crushing all of his bones into pieces.

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This jackass should have been thrown out a long time back. His wicket taking ability has waned and he is a liability.

Comment by Mukundhan

Imagine admitting to your mistake, he is surely not Australian.

Comment by J Rod

I agree Mukundhan, if he was actually a world class bowler who took wickets in all environments, maybe just maybe, he could then be given a bit of leeway.
He’s not even better than Monty Panesar, and that’s fair to middling at best!

I concur Jrod, where’s the teflon shoulders when you need them. That’s the only reason i’ve stayed in gainful employ for the last 16 years.
Blame others.

Comment by Suave

Hopefully the BCCI will slap (no pun intended) their own ban on him and we’ll see his place taken by Young Piyush Chawla. And, when India want two ODI spinners, Ramesh Powar.

Comment by Dave

I think that’s a marvellous idea. Anything that means I don’t have to see his smug mug again, is a winner in my eyes!

Comment by Suave

It’s a perfect time for Young Piyush to perfect his art before Kumble retires, and what’s not to like about Ramesh Powar, with his oversized sunglasses and oversized belly?

Comment by Dave

If I remember correctly, he’s a fairly similar bowler to Mushtaq Ahmed, in that he doesn’t really turn it a great deal, but he’s got a nicely disguided googly. If he can learn the top-spinner from Kumble he could be very good.

Fat cricketers are always ace.

Comment by Suave

Shit I didn’t know he was the captain… yuck! I’m glad I didn’t support them.

Hulk smash him Suavey! Do it do it do it do it do it…

Btw where’s the hover caption eh? Eh?!

Comment by Miss Field

It’s there for me?! This shit has returned and I don’t know how to fix it..

It says, Look at that face, I’d love to imprint my cricket boots onto his face!

Comment by Suave

MF, if you’re using Firefox, you can read the alt text by right-clicking on the image and clicking on ‘Properties’.

Suave, you need to have a title=”This is the hover caption” in the img tag.

Comment by David Barry

Hmm. My PowerBook would spontaneously combust if I asked it to right click on anything.

No hover captions for me.

Comment by Miss Field

I’ll have a go at another one later David..

All pictures do have a title and alt-text, so I’m not sure why it doesn’t display it.

I’m going to ask wordpress if the next one doesn’t work.

Comment by Suave

The downside of the banning will be the unbearable smirkiness of Symonds and Ponting…

Comment by Ceci Masters

Anything that brings Young Piyush to the fore is ok by me.

Comment by miriam

Well they’re both off now, for the west indian tour Ceci, so no more Aussie’s (bar the retired ones).

Comment by Suave

I hope Sreesanth gets at least as big a ban for being such a baby and effectively telling tales.

What he did was the equivalent of the Ronaldo like dive in football. A true blight on the sport.

Comment by sportsfreak

I hadn’t thought of it like that, Sportsfreak.

Although he seems like such a volatile person I’d have thought acting like that would have been way beyond him.

Comment by Miss Field

Two hundreds on the trot and a 4-fer in the last test. Yes, hindsight makes you look stupid.

Comment by Mr Johnson

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