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New Zealand touch down.

After my visit to the dentist yesterday (fortunately no woot canaw), I had the whole afternoon to myself. I decided to check out Middlesex vs Glamorgan at Lords.

I seem to be a bad omen for cricket at Lords.

Last time I went it f*cking hammered it down non-stop for two hours, and I was literally soaked through. Wet socks, undergarments, and all.. I eventually got a cab home, only to find the sun out, and play actually happening. Damn Lords, and it’s amazing drainage.

Yesterday, I got off the tube at Regents Park in bright sunshine, and was soaked by the time I’d walked the mile to Lords.

While I was hiding from the rain, I was stood outside the ECB indoor nets, just as the New Zealand squad were arriving to practice before their game with an MCC XI on sunday.

I saw Tim Southee, the bucktoothed young buck. He was wearing flup-flops in the rain.
One of the coaches wasn’t even wearing that, no shoes at all. Actually come to think of it, the fella was short and bald, it might have been rubbish saffer all-rounder Grant Eliott.

Angry man Mark Gillespie isn’t any where near as angry off the pitch. I’m assuming he’s like Andre Nel, and suffers white line fever. He was very nice to the anoraks near me, who were autograph hunting.

I joked with Chris Martin about his batting coaching video. He laughed and said he’d give me a one on one for a few hundred quid! It sounds funny when foreigners say quid.

Jamie How looked old, and helped the van driver unpack the water for the boys. He might have to get used to that if the doesn’t start scoring runs soon!

There was also lots of fellas, that I had no idea who they were.

One thing I will say, is that test cricketers appear bigger in the flesh. Not height wise, you sort of expect them to be a certain height. I mean depth. Jamie How is about the same height as me, but is about twice as thick. (probably in more than one way, what, what!)

John Bracewell looks craggy.

I’ll be creating my picture-metaphor prize for Osmoses, after he successfully guessed the winner to last weeks quiz.

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I think you could learn alot from Chris martin.

Comment by J Rod

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