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And you’re back in the room..
April 24, 2008, 10:08 am
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I don’t know where to start.

There’s been too much cricket and I’ve missed it all.

I broke a tooth on holiday and need to have emergency root canal treatment today.

So I miss a weeks worth of cricket, which is like root canal to a cricket lover.  Then I actually have to have root canal!

Damn you giant alien lizards!

Expect me to ease my way back in gently, as I’m slightly fucked up with pain and super strength spanish drugs at present.

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Ouchie – oh Suave! Cricket missed YOU. Feel better soon.

Comment by miriam

Thanks Mims.. I’m sure it’ll be fine after the big old mean dentist attacks me violently with a 12 inch drill saw. The bastards.

Comment by Suave

This afternoon please could you walk around saying “I had woot canaw” like CJ out of West Wing?

Comment by miriam

Fortunately, I didn’t have woot canaw, so i couldn’t do that for you. It seems my tooth is so far gone, I may need to have it done surgically. I need to pay £75 for the privilege of being referred to a surgeon! Since when do you have to pay to be referred. Conning bastards. Too lazy to be doctors, if you ask me.
I have a temporary filling and anti-biotics to heal the infected areas..
On the plus side, i got to spend the afternoon at Lords, which there will be more of tomorrow!

Comment by Suave

Haha CJ for president.

Sounds rather unpleasant…

Comment by Miss Field

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