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IPL gets underway!

The IPL has officially started with Bangalore Royal Challengers v Kolkata Knight Riders at Bangalore.

Bangalore, who are officially “The Most Boring C*nts In The World”, really shouldn’t win a game in this tournament, with players like Dravid, Kallis & Chanderpaul.

Kolkata have lost the services of Shoaib Akhtar after his five year ban, but have Ishant Sharma & Umar Gul, the wily Murali Kartik and David Hussey.

As I’m on holiday, with little access to Internet, or results, I’ve got no f*cking idea who’s won.

I’ll guess it was Knight Riders, and they win by three wickets or thirty runs.

If I’m wrong, then the world is stupid.

If I’m right, then the world is ace, and everyone except me is a doodyhead.

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Yes I backed the winner for once.

Go the Knight Riders.

Comment by Miss Field

Don’t worry Suave, you didn’t miss anything. There was no spectatular golden clothing, no batshit crazy innings by any Kiwi, and there was definitely no awkward yet homoerotic hugging between Ponting and Ganguly.

Comment by miriam

Damn it all to hell!! Family holidays, my arse.

Although it was great, and The Gris loved it, which is fairly important.

Comment by Suave

Did you go somewhere warm and sunny?

Comment by Miss Field

I did, I went to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Warm and lovely sunny sunshiney stuff.

Not used to that lark really.
Give me overcast, windy and wet, any day of the week!

Comment by Suave

Don’t worry about missing McCullum’s 50-ball hundred, everyone’s at it now. Even Mike Hussey.

Comment by Dave

I know, now Symonds has hit the fastest 100. It’s all terribly boring.

Where’s the blocking, and back foot defence.

It’s all worng.

Comment by Suave

But no one bothers to block when even mis-hits go for six? My back garden’s got longer boundaries than these grounds.

What we need is more pitches like Kolkata, where balls turn round corners and Chaminda Vaas can bounce people. Now that’s exciting.

Comment by Dave

Never going to happen, I’m afraid.

VVS Laxman called it a disgrace and Gilly said it was a shocker, so they’ve moved the pitch along a bit.
Pro’s are such pussys. They get so used to flat bouncy tracks, that they don’t know how to adjust their games.

Comment by Suave

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