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Cook, Broad & Anderson Naked.
April 16, 2008, 7:07 am
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I'm a hits whore!

So far this year, over 50 people have searched for Alastair Cook Naked, 30 people have looked for Broady naked, and one person just typed in cock naked.  They all found there way here.  This is for you guys!

As I’m on holiday, and have no access to Teh Intarwebs, I’m posting this by magic!

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This is just a blatant attempt at google hits.

Well done sir.

Comment by J Rod

I’d googlehit that.

(no I wouldn’t! they creep me out).

Comment by miriam

I’d totally hit it. Wonder when the Aussies will do a naked shoot.

Comment by KatieFox

katiefox. Thank you! I like your style… If they do ever get naked, i’ll post them here just for you!

Comment by Suave

anyone else see alastair cook’s hairy feet?!

is it just me?

is he secretly a werewolf?

Comment by xxclairexx

Let’s just take a moment to hope that if it happens it won’t involve Michael Clarke.

Comment by Miss Field

Jesus wept woman!! xxclairexx I’d never noticed that before. Cooky needs a silver bullet thru the heart, the freak!

Thanks for pointing that out!

No Missy cos you love shortarsed balding tassy devils!

Comment by Suave

I want a Victorian bowlers nudie shoot but that might be have to be in the Dirk Fanciers’ Gazette

Comment by Ceci Masters

That may be so, but who wants to see Michael Clarke naked? Not even Lara Bingle methinks.

Comment by Miss Field

you would think that if he has the guts to wax his chest, he would have the decency to do the same to his feet!!!

Comment by xxclairexx

Ceci, sign me up for the Dirk Fanciers’ Gazette please.

and xxclairexx OMGTHEHUMANITY re Cook’s feet.

Also, good apostrophe work all round, everyone.

Comment by miriam

he looks like an american werewolf in london, the hobbit footed freak!

Nice work all round ladies. Keep it up.

Comment by Suave

I googled mascara’ and ‘hairy feet’ (I was bored), and Zac Efron popped up. Could the two eyelinered hobbits be one and the same? Is Cook’s vastly improved fielding the result of all the dancing training required for High School Musical?

Comment by Mel

Uncanny! I can’t believe i’VE just googled that too Mel..

Comment by Suave

Spooky Suave – did you find this image too?

Comment by Mel

..and of course there is another group of hairy footed individuals:

Comment by Ceci Masters

Ladies, sterling work again!

Three cheers for you.


Comment by Suave

I’m just trawling for antique gems in the absence of live suaveness and found this.

Reassure me that this is a mis-aligned composite photo, and these guys are not having toe sex on camera.

Comment by pietro

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