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The weekly quiz of wonderment, returns!
April 15, 2008, 12:33 pm
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As always, you know what the deal is, if not see here, and here..

Dumbfounded batsmen, delivered with silent prayer.

If you win, it’s a made up picture of pure delight!

Now get cracking, and get your thinking caps on!

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michael holding

Comment by John

Lasith Malinga?

Comment by miriam

Thanks for trying again John, and i see where you’re coming from with that guess, whispering death probably didn’t need to pray to god though!

Mims, good effort, but no, it’s not Malinga.

Comment by Suave

the new Mendis boy?

Comment by miriam

Alas no, Mimsy.. Why is Mimsy rude any way?

Further back, you must go

Comment by Suave

<a href=””Bernard Bosanquet.

Yes, google is my friend.

Comment by ozmoses

Bernard Bosanquet.

Yes, google is my friend… yet simple HTML eludes me.

Comment by ozmoses

mimsy means vagina

Comment by J Rod

I’m afraid it does, yes.

Comment by miriam

Mike gatting?

Comment by Lardybutcute


Comment by Tashi


Comment by John


Comment by miriam

David Sheppard? Not much of a bowler, mind.

Comment by Daneel

How about Wes Hall?

Comment by Daneel

Mims, you got it!! Well done, when I return, i will create your special prize.. did you find it hidden within, or did you guess.

Comment by Suave

Sorry Mims, you didn´t win.. Ozmoses did!!

Osmoses, thanks for playing. I´m on a family holiday at the moment, so will create your picture-metaphor, when I return! All hail Osmoses, our new quiz guessing overlord!

Comment by Suave

damnit!! and you’d given the clue in the hover captions and everything!

Comment by miriam

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