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Harmison the halfwit.
April 14, 2008, 7:55 pm
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I\'m a whiny prick.  All those ex players are poo heads.

Steve Harmison today had this to say..

We have a culture in England where we kick people when they are down.  They like to have a pop at someone and at the minute it’s my turn.”

What fuckhead has failed to pick up on, is that we’re kicking him, because he gets paid shit loads of money to scare people and take wickets with his fast bowling.  If he were to do this, instead of being a whiny little fuckwit, no-one would bag him at all.

Alas no, he just can’t help himself.  They’re all picking on me, It’s not fair, boo fucking hoo.

To you sir, I say…


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Well said.

Harmison is really getting my goat. And ol’ Getrude has been in the family for generations.

Comment by The Atheist

Sometimes us bloggers can say a thousand words to get the full story across, other days, it’s fuck off knobcheese.


Comment by J Rod

I don’t disagree that he is a …knobcheese…


I do think he’s got a point about the English tendency to kick people when they’re down. And when I hear about it I usually feel a bit sorry for whichever losing team it happens to be that time, and well, I really don’t like feeling sorry for English sporting teams, no matter how crap and pitiable they are.

Comment by Miss Field

I know Ath.. He’s constantly whinging about ex-players bagging him. Most of them know a bit about the game, and can see that he’s a loser.

Thanks J Rod, I knew you’d appreciate that!

And Missy, we do jump on players here, but it’s no different anywhere else. At least we’re not burning effigies, or smashing players restaurant windows.

We tend to save the special abuse for the player who looks like they don’t care, Harmison is that player at the moment. Strauss got it because he didn’t deserve to be there, but is working really hard to get back.

Comment by Suave

It’s okay though, because he’s got ‘broad shoulders’, which means that he can ‘take it on the chin’.

Back to pre-school physiology classes for you, Harmy.

Comment by King Cricket

It did make me laugh seeing that.

If he really did have all of those physiological strengths, he wouldn’t be whining to anyone who has a little dig.

Comment by Suave

Lol knobcheese thats hilarious! I remember at a certain stage in cricket he was the no#1 bowler in the world and now he’s nowhere to be seen, what went wrong? Has his 3rd leg got too big and making bowling a difficult task for him? I hope for England’s and his sake that he finds his form, he knows he has it but yet he doesnt now where it is.

Oh heres another name, “dicksplash”, I had someone call me that on youtube when I incorrectly labelled an English Soccer Vid, instead of being intimidated I thought that was the funniest word I had ever heard of, would you liken it to knobcheese? I think its just as hilarious!

Oh and thanks for linking back to my site:) Your link is still on there and I hope you get many visitors to your awesome site!

(also known as

Comment by Rob Attfield

Rob, I love dicksplash.. I´ve not heard it since I was a teenager!!

Comment by Suave

I was industriously working the other day when a thought appeared in my mind… Daniel Craig telling Le Chiffre to “Fuck off, knobcheese.”

Not very suave.

Comment by Miss Field

Well what a fine bunch of English supporters you lot turned out to be… if you can bowl better than steve harmison, get out there and show us all… no use having a big mouth, because all that comes out is a lot of ‘hot air’… try showing what YOU can do, if you can do anything at all….

Comment by Ginette

Hello Ginette. I never claim to be a better bowler than Harmison. What pisses me off about him, is he is a better bowler than he shows. He used to be the best fast bowler in the world, now he’s mediocre. If I had his talent, I’d still be the best, but he’s a lazy, mentally weak halfwit.

Comment by Suave

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