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India in “We can play on turning, slow and low wickets” shocker

India have bowled out The Evil Empire, for 265 in the first innings of the third test.

India need a win, to draw the series, and retain whatever trophy it is they’re playing for (is it the Cronje-Bookies trophy?).

South Africa started brightly, by getting to 152-1, with Bear-like fuckhead, Matthew Hayden wannabe, hitting 69, and Hashim Amla continuing his good run of late (live average of 76.75), with a 51.

They then fell apart and lost the other 9 wickets for 113.

Ashwell (i’m f8cking tedious, me) Prince, carried on in the style we’ve become accustomed too, of late, and now averages 11.5 for the tour.  Evil Morne Morkel averages more!


Ishant Sharma, after a shocking start, spraying it around left, right and unfortunately not centre, ended up with 3-55.  Harbhajan Singh took 3-53, and was backed up by Sehwag & Yuvi with their part time spinners.

Sreesanth, the shithead crazy fool, is still fucking rotten though.  Averaging 88 with the ball.  Now when you look at that compared to any of the Saffer quicks, you’ll see that it’s pony and trap.

Morkel averages 45, Ntini, 21 & Steyn 18.

This should be the sort of pitch, that Indian batsman thrive on, but it’s not going to be easy.  They’ll be facing probably the best fast bowling attack in world cricket at the minute, and the pitch seems to have all sorts of Gremlins.  SA really need to get their lines right though, as they only have Harris for spin, if the seamers fail.

Game on.

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Totally unfair. Watched Biffa whack six – only one wicket down – did not want to see anymore Saffer wallop – turned off and into work.

Nose above parapet of paperwork what do I find? Saffers ground into dust! Pah! Still – Sreesanth was rubbish? Not all bad then.

Comment by Ceci Masters

it really is horrible, missing out on the saffers getting a pasting! I’m hoping that it will continue tomorrow, when I get my new Sky service installed.

I will then be able to laugh heartily at the evil empire!

I know, both him & RP Singh have been rubbish of late, but if you had to drop one, surely it would be the raging sociopath!

Comment by Suave

haha…thats ‘original’ trophy name suave!!

sree should thank his stars that he is still playing test cricket…

i think had dhoni not dozed of in later part of innings we could have got them around 225-230ish total…265 is relatively good total i would say…

ishant showed that wickets can be taken by pacers and if saffers strike early tomorrow then its definitely game on…

Comment by straight point

He’s mental. I don’t mind mental, if it is backed up by great bowling. Allan Donald had that.

But unstable and unreliable is not a good combination.

Is Dhoni skipper in Kumble’s absence?

Comment by Suave


its been a while that he has bowled good even for a session…niether he seems a quick learner…

he should have taken leaf out of ishant…how he adjsted his line and length after not so good first spell and got rewards…

the ball was reversing like anything and if only he would have applied mind saffers would have bundled ot inside 200…

yea dhoni is captaining…he did good job today for his first test captaincy…but for knock out punch…

Comment by straight point

Well it should prove an interesting day tomorrow, and hopefully my satellite tv guy will come early, so I get to watch some!

Comment by Suave

Well I think it’s hilarious that Graeme Smith was out on 69.

He can get 69 but he can’t get a girlfriend.

Comment by Miss Field

That’s cos he’s got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, that he calls friends.

Comment by Suave

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Comment by Rob Attfield

I’ve added you to the links Rob, thanks for visiting and the kind words.

Comment by Suave

Suave, I reckon you’ve pulled.

Comment by Miss

That’s what they said about him and you!! He’s a tart.

Comment by Suave

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