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Friday afternoon photo.
April 11, 2008, 3:27 pm
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PijO’s Flickr Stream

Night Cricket

Photo courtesy of PijO, via Flickr.

Another weekly dose of cricket photography, to raise the tone a little, before the weekend.

I’m getting my Sky installed tomorrow, so will be able to watch cricket live, for the first time in three weeks!


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A year or so ago my brother, best friend and I were inspired by a particularly brilliant Australian innings and decided we should head down to the park for a few overs… at night.

We gave up when David’s fair impersonation of Brett Lee almost took Ruth’s throat out.

Comment by Miss Field

Bully beef older brothers eh!!

Drunken night cricket should only be played with soft balls! Ooh err missus, titter ye not.

Comment by Suave


How do you know he’s my older brother? *glances over shoulder*

Comment by Miss Field

because he’s oomby dave, and he looks a fair bit older than you. You’re 21, he’s a teacher. you don’t get teachers younger than about 23. So i made an educated guess,

Comment by Suave

Suave, at (very) first glance I thought that was an ultrasound.

Comment by miriam

I can see where you’re coming from Mims, yes..

Is your bodyclock ticking perchance?

Comment by Suave


Comment by miriam

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!

Only kidding kiddy wink.


Comment by Suave

Y. I have a silent clock, just like at the end of certain episodes of 24, but I think it’ll only start ticking if it’s wound up by the right person, if you see what I mean.

Comment by miriam

I get ya, loud and clear Mimsy..

Here’s to that!

Comment by Suave

Mimsy is a rude word!

Comment by miriam

Jacob Oram!

Comment by Miss Field

Good educated guessing too btw.

Comment by Miss


I can be quite sharp sometimes..

Most of the time, thick as short planks.

Comment by Suave

beats the moonlanding pics. and not doctored either?

Comment by Naked Cricket

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