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Test Cricketers not out for longer
April 10, 2008, 12:25 pm
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How interesting!  And relevant to my interests.

The Guardian posted an article, which is relevant to my interests.

England cricket stalwarts can look forward to a longer life, according to research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine today.

The more Test matches a cricketer plays, the longer he is likely to live, the research, carried out by the University of St Andrew’s, found.

The study compared the lifespans of 418 England cricketers born between 1827 and 1941.

Higher numbers of Test appearances were associated with a longer life, with 13% of players having played in 25 or more Tests.

Frequent Test appearances indicate success for a cricketer, and the research supports the theory that people who succeed in life are happier and live longer than those who are less successful.

“If you are successful, you suffer less stress and feel positive about yourself, which appears to have a beneficial effect,” Professor Paul Boyle, who led the research, said.

However, captaining the England side – another sign of success – appeared to have little impact on lifespan.

A cricketer’s background, as much as the frequency of his appearances at Test matches, can also determine his longevity, the research showed.

Amateur “gentleman” cricketers, who tended to come from privileged backgrounds, lived longer than professional players with working class origins.

Overall, amateurs who played in many Tests lived an average of 79.3 years, while professional players who made only a few Test appearances had an average lifespan of 71.5 years – a difference of almost eight years.

“The results suggest that both early life circumstances and success have a role to play in life expectancy,” Boyle said.

I imagine this is probably more to do with social position, and wealth, but it’s an interesting piece, nevertheless.

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Aha! The reason the hover text isn’t working on the pictures for me is because you’re not giving a title, either in the img tag or in the href.

Comment by David Barry

Ah! I shall have to try that next time, David.. Hopefully, I’ll crack it then!

Comment by Suave

I like that David Barry is all “never mind the content of the post, what about the hover captions”.

Comment by miriam

I know! David’s now adding hover text to his statistical graphs, which is great!

Comment by Suave

I actually meant to start adding the hover text a few posts ago, but I get into some kind of zone when typing up, and usually I forget.

Comment by David Barry

Nice work Mr Barry..

I had a stats request that popped into my head this morning, and now I’ve forgotten it, which is annoying.

stupid alcohol affected brain.

Comment by Suave

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