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John, wins the weekly quiz of wonderment, Huzzah!

After another successful quiz (i’m hoping by calling it successful enough, I’ll believe it myself), the winner has been found.

A legside magician. dodgy as hell?

John from Island Express, correctly guessed that it was Azhar, Mohammed Azharuddin.

So behold, A made up picture of pure delight!

Crime does pay after all!

After David Barry received his very own cricket picture-metaphor, I have continued in that vein.

So here’s to you John, check back next week for another historical six word quiz!

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Damn that man is sexy.

Comment by Miss Field

He certainly radiates “The Love”, I must say!

Comment by Suave

Yep, I’m not sure what does it for me, whether it’s the harry-high-pants or the, oh my, is that a quiff?

Comment by Miss Field

I like the wonky shades myself!

Comment by Suave

That bastard’s still fit as a fiddle, and he’s like 45 years old. Tried catching up with his when he was on his morning run. Gave up after the first two miles.

I must mention though, that I was on a bicycle.

Comment by horatius

hi Horatius, welcome..
Yeah he is fit, he played a charity 50 over game a couple of years ago, and looked as good as any current player in the field.

Comment by Suave

Thanks, man. Stop bagging Azhar. If he has been up to no good (and it is yet to be proved in a serious trial), he has paid his due to society, and he should be allowed to rejoin it. Rehabilitation is the word?

Comment by John

Has something vanished in the last 24 hours or am I hallucinating again?

Comment by Miss Field

We’re only joshing John!!

Missy, que?

Comment by Suave

Didn’t we have a conversation about how cool the name Horatius is? Or was that in a different post? Before you answer just let me say, it’s been a very long week 🙂

Comment by Miss Field

Another post missy.. No worries, long week for me too..

Comment by Suave

You just wrote ‘no worries’ and that made my day.

Comment by Miss Field

I’m glad to be of service!

Comment by Suave

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