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The Weekly Quiz of Wonderment..
April 8, 2008, 12:08 pm
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After the success of last weeks quiz, it’s time for another six word quiz!

It was a tough one last week, so hold tight for another brain drain..

A legside magician. dodgy as hell?

The winner will receive their very own (posted here, but especially for them) picture of pure made up delight..

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if this was offside magician. dodgy as hell??

nobody would have qualified more than our own ganguly…

but for this…hmmm…let me think…

Comment by straight point

Ha, yes, if it was the other way round, he could easily have qualified!

Comment by Suave

Its Azhar.

Comment by John

I have the answer in six taps on the keyboard!

Send my prize to:

Can’t wait for next week’s conundrum.

Comment by nestaquin

Alas, no, nestaquin! The answer, as John rightly guessed is Mohammed Azharuddin.

The finest leg-side player I’ve seen. Brian Lara’s not far behind, mind.

Check back soon, for John’s prize.. It’ll no doubt be in the same vein as last weeks made up picture of delight

Comment by Suave

Like Bobby Simpson, I’ll be back.

Nice One John, you cricketing whiz.

Thanks Suave, keep the puzzles churning!

Comment by nestaquin

A prize in the same vein as last time? What, you’re going to psychically pick up on a random comment I make in someone else’s blog, and googlesearch a picture accordingly?

Comment by miriam

If I can manage Mims, yes.. Although you invading my brain space had me in all sorts of weird places. I was in love with all sorts of male cricket related fellows. I even considered turning Kiwi, as I’d developed an eerie crush on James Spader

Comment by Suave

*james spader picture james spader picture*

(sends the mind rays to Suave)

Sorry. It’s not my prize. Sorry.

Comment by miriam

I’ve actually done it already, but wanted to save it til tomorrow, as it means I have one post less to do!

Comment by Suave

“The finest leg-side player I’ve seen. Brian Lara’s not far behind, mind.”

Funny you should say that, Suaveo; in Michael Atherton’s book, he thought Lara’s legside was his weakest. So he ordered Cork and the like to bowl leg-theory at him.

In fairness, although he had an awesome pulling game, I think it was though insanely powerful cover drives that stole the show for me.

Comment by The Atheist

Azhar could play the same ball on the leg as well as off, much like Lara and Laxman. Remember once when he went down the track and repeatedly drove Paul Adams inside out. Pure delight.

Comment by John

Which innings did Ather’s try that for, a hundred, or a record breaking hundred?

Comment by J Rod

How queer Atheist, he said recently for the Wisden Almanack

“No other contemporary player, save perhaps Mohammad Azharuddin, could deflect the ball so finely and so powerfully with a turn of the blade and flick of the wrists. Lara had subtlety in an age of power and brute force.”

And JRod, a measure of how Athers though about Lara here..

“If you knew you were going to die, you’d prefer a single bludgeoning blow to the head, or a quick bullet to the brain, rather than death by a thousand ever-so-precise cuts. Eleven fielders were never enough; there were always gaps to plug. When he scored his 375 against my England team, I remember moving first slip out when Lara had scored 291. He edged the very next ball right where first slip had been. I’d love to know whether it was deliberate; I always doubted it, simply on the basis that such a level of genius was beyond my comprehension.”

Comment by Suave

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