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The county season is almost upon us.

You could not have picked four uglier cricketers for this photo!

The opening fixture to the county championship starts on Thursday, with last seasons champions Sussex facing an MCC XI.

I’m going to have a sneaky half day on Friday, to join the masses down at Lords. By masses, I mean saddos, statisticians and MCC members out for a few days on the booze.

Hopefully I’ll be able to see my favourite young buck Adil Rashid in action. If Mushy is back from the Evil ICL, he would do well to pick the brains of the little master, while he has the chance.

I will try to update from the ground, IF my new battery arrives for my phone.

Really, the only reason I wrote this post, was so that I could post the picture of the cup winners from last year.

It’s got Rob Key in it. He’s lovely.

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Inspired by the beatles?

Is that Phil Mustard and Chris Adams? whose the 4th one?

Comment by Q

It certainly is, Q..

The fourth one is Matt Mason, he’s worcestershires Australian opening bowler..

Comment by Suave

Third and fourth ones?

You mean there’s more than one person in that picture?

Comment by King Cricket

There’s only one in our eyes, King.. And that’s all that matters..
Here’s to a record breaking season for Sir Robert of Key

Comment by Suave

How come no one is barefoot?

Have they no pride in their pop culture?

Comment by J Rod

I know, and really Sir Robert Of Key should be have a gasper in hand..

Poor show

Comment by Suave

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