Suave's Republique Cricket

Oh joy..

After a weekend of “icy death from the sky”, today has started beautifully..

The Gris woke up happy as happy thing, the sun is shining, the grass is all freshly cut outside the office, and the Tower of London looks beautiful in the radiant sunshine..

As you may be able to ascertain from the above, Suave is happy this morning (nothing to do with his new suave accessories, no siree).

On to the cricket..

Pakistan begin a one-day series against the Mighty Bangladesh, look out for a six word review, coming soon…

Hopefully after all the sheninagans (my favourite word ever, and that’s a fact!) involving Akhtar, we can see the Pakistani’s play the sort of cricket we know they can produce.

By that I mean, one day brilliant, the next, positively shite.

In other news,  Giles Clarke, the ECB chairman, once again made it clear he doesn’t see a place for England players in the IPL.  It was the thinliest (that’s not a word is it?) veiled threat I’ve heard since, that bouncer last week, threatened to rip my mates face off.

So DangerAnus is the only The England player who will compete in the IPL.  This has pissed off KP, as he’s not getting in on the spondooleys, and that makes the mercenary very unhappy.

Over at The Reverse Swing Manifesto, it’s also hinted that KP is getting abused by Chris Gayle, cos he’s missing out.  Good, stupid Saffer.  The man is earning about a million pound a year, so even after Gayle’s IPL payout, he’s still pissing all over him, the greedy bastard.

Check back later, for the weekly six word quiz..  Last weeks winner was David Barry, who received a wonderful prize

As they say down in loony tunes town, that’s all folks..

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