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What drove stephen fleming to become a gay?

Maybe it was seeing McGrath in those pantaloons?

I wish I knew, random visitor, I wish I knew..

It could be that he saw Glenn McGrath in those shiny pantaloons.

Maybe it’s the animal attraction of Daniel Vettori (Miriam would switch allegiances for him).

Or the lust created by being near The Perfect Boyfriend

Alternatively, it could be the fact that he gets to play with Scott Styris.

Any one of these, is sure to test the average heterosexual..

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I actually like that jacket that Fleming is wearing.

Comment by Miriam

I distinctly remember having this conversation before Mims.. We both liked it, young Missy didn’t find it half as nice.

I imagine it’s the suaveness that comes with being a cricket lover in London!

Comment by Suave

Miriam, I think Suave’s comments are directed towards Fleming’s choice of shoes.

Comment by The Atheist

The jacket just does not match the outfit.

I wish I had a pair of those shoes. I would hold an outrageous footwear shindig for the occasion. Oh to be as cool as our heroes.

Comment by Miss Field

The shoes are the killer item.

Comment by J Rod

They could literally kill you too, if those points came flying towards the crown jewels.

Imagine that, death by curly shoes.

Comment by Suave

I agree with the other comments on the shoes, which are an abomination.

And there aren’t many men who would make me want to support their team rather than mine, but Daniel Vettori is one of them.

Comment by miriam

Also Brad Hogg. Fortunately Mims, that tongue temptation has been removed from the international scene.

Comment by Suave

Well thanks a LOT Suave. I’d just about managed to block out the memory of The Tongue, but it’s all just come crashing back.

Comment by miriam

A pleasure, Mims..

I’m here to keep you all entertained (by all, I mean the six people who read this shit!!)

Comment by Suave

Well. Those were the shoes worn by Indian Hindu kings about a couple of thousand years ago.

Comment by horatius

It’s a shame they didn’t stay back with them, eh Horatius 😉

Comment by Suave

I am Kali, the goddess of destruction! Why don’t us ladies get such fabulous shoes? I have no shoes!

I hope I’m counted among the six. Proud to be in the six.

Comment by Miss Field

Because you should be at home doing the dishes, there’s no need for good shoes, when you’re cleaning the abode!


Comment by Suave

No wonder I’m the goddess of destruction. Feeling particularly destructive after that comment!

Horatius is an awesome name.

Comment by Miss Field

It is, isn’t it..

it’s the finest name I’ve had on my site so far.

Comment by Suave

Yes. In fact any future sons of mine will not be named Horatio Cornelius as once thought, but Horatius Cornelio.

Comment by Miss Field

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