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Good gracious, those wacky West Indians have won a test match!

What is this winning you talk of? I thought it went out of fashion in the 80\'s

West Indies recorded their first win at Queens Park Oval since 2000, with an excellent fourth innings run chase, against a fairly ordinary Sri Lankan attack.

Chaminda Vaas & Murali battled well, but in the end were not supported nearly enough, by the rest of their attack.

Let’s put the chase into perspective though, it was only 253 over two days, with 10 wickets in hand.  That’s not huge, but I’m guessing that The England would have capitulated, as we break out in cold sweats every time a mystery spinner takes the field.

Credit where credit is due, the Windies attack had some moments of magic, which gave them the opportunity.  One bowler in each innings really stepped to the plate, and the others did a little bit to help.


Ramneresh Sarwan.  Sarwan scored over 300 runs in the two test series, at an average of 77.  Good returns for a man who’s been out for 10 months.  The best batsman in the side.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul.  Lord Megachief Of Gold. Supported Sarwan beautifully, and showed why these two are so important to the West Indies, both are brilliant players of spin, and when you’re in a firefight, the two little fellas are the only players that seem as if they want it.

Thilan Samaraweera.  His brilliant 125 in the third innings, gave the Sirils a sniff.  Along with the auld fella Vaas, put on some very valuable runs.  I think he probably read my six word review of him, and decided he wasn’t happy being an anony mouse (Lovely little creatures).  Deserved more.

Jerome Taylor.  His second innings performance was very good, quick and dangerous. He took 4-52.

Fidel Edwards.  In the Sri Lankan first innings, he was half decent taking 4-84 (although went at nearly 5 an over).


Marlon Samuels.  Looks shit, is a chucker, is friends with Indian bookies.  Not a fan of this fella at all, and if I was in charge, he’d be out, until the ICC have sorted all this shit out.

The West Indian attack.  It’s too samey.  Taylor, Powell and Edwards are all quick and straight, with no real variety.  Once you’re in against these boys, it’s very easy to score off of them.  They offer up too much dross.  They have two specialist spinners in the squad, and chose not to use either of them. 

The Sri Lankan top four.  Scored 128 runs between them in two innings.  The fact that they two of these players are King Kumar, and Mahela Jayawardene, you would expect more.  Warnapura and Vandort were also fucking terrible.   This cost them the match.

Mirando & Amerasinghe.  Shit, Shit, Shit.  Sri Lanka must be praying that Malinga & Fernando are back soon, because these two knobbers, went for lots of runs, and took hardly any wickets.  It’s back to the days when if you could see off Vaas, and block out Murali, you could fill your boots.


The West Indies have Australia next.  They are going to get crushed.  The best they can hope for, is that one of their bowlers turns up in every innings and makes it a bit of a fight.  They need a more varied attack, and a proper quality spinner.

The batting line up needs a shakeup too, Samuels should be dropped.

Sri Lanka have the ingredients to stay in the top 5, when they get Malinga & Fernando back.  Their opening partnership needs a bit of time to bed in, but should be OK.

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The hover text doesn’t work here either. The two pictures it doesn’t work for are the only two where there’s a class=”something or other” in the IMG tag.

Comment by David Barry

Damn… I’ll have a look into it David… They’ve just implemented a new design for posting and the dashboard. It shows in my own browser..

What browser do you use?

Comment by Suave


Comment by David Barry

Kumara had a purple patch in Australia. Mahela is the same as usual, typical home pitch player.

Comment by Ottayan

Not sure it only lasted in Australia, Ottayan. He averaged 65 last year, and 60 the year before..

Jayawardene averages 45 and above everywhere except Aus, where he averages 41..

Comment by Suave

Hover captions were one of the founding principles of this site, Suave. They must be maintained!

Comment by Miriam

It was THE founding principle Mims!!

Bloody wordpress have changed the way you post now, and it adds all sorts of new HTML (which frankly, I know fuck all about), and I don’t know which bit to remove.

Comment by Suave

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