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Greatest Indian innings…

After last weeks momentous innings from the leader of Sehwagology. I was thinking about how great it really was on the grand scheme of things.

Image snaffled from the wonderful Cricket=Action=Art

Image from Cricket=Action=Art

I’ve decided that it’s not that bloody momentous, as the match ended in a bore draw, and it was a wicket that was flat and useless.

Alongside that, it hasn’t turned a series in to a winning position, as the Indians are currently getting spanked by 350 runs in the 1st innings of the second test. This is not looking good.

In my humble opinion, actually scrap that, I’m not humble, I’m an egomaniac! I mean my always right, never wrong, superhuman opinion, VVS Laxman’s innings against ‘Straya in 2001 pisses all over it.

Why so Suave? I hear you ask.

Because I bloody said so, that’s why.. Did you not read the last sentance? I’m always right, and that should be enough for you, you cheeky bleeders. Why if I were a violent man, I’d be taking my belt to you this instant, for the insolence!

Also, because that innings won the test match and eventually the series. Without that innings, Australia would have gone 2-0 up in the series, and it would have been all over. They had won the first test by a comfortable 10 wickets (bit of an understatement, that), and were so in command of this test match after two days, that it looked like a formality.

However VVS, ably supported by the perennial bridesmaid, Rahul Dravid, somehow combined to negate the threat of the axis of early noughties evil, McGrath, Warne & Gillespie, to give India a chance in the test match. Then Harbhajan Singh and Sachin Tendulkar stepped up, to take the wickets necessary to win the game.

VVS has a real love of ‘Strayan batting, averaging 50.63. That’s not bad at all, learned friends (he only averages higher against teh Windies & NZ).

This is the most momentous innings I’ve ever seen.

Although I did once score 102no in a wednesday night 20-20 game. That was pretty special. Their bowling attack was only marginally weaker than ‘Straya. In fact, it was four blokes who had probably never bowled in their lives. However, you can only play what’s in front of you!

Another Image snaffled from Cricket=Action=Art.

Image from Cricket=Action=Art

What are your thoughts dear readers? Is it Sehwag or VVS?

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VVS, without a doubt. Not a shred in my mind.

Comment by John

nobody with semblance of cricketing sense will pt sehwags innings on top of vvs…

that was once in a life time innings in truer sense…

however some facts…food for thoght…

india were facing 540 runs mammoth…

far better SA attack

that whole team could muster only another 300 odd which included a centurion and a near centurion…

that but for his innings india could have followed on was a more than outside possibility

that he maintained 100% strike rate through out the day…

that it was his class which made it look ridiculously easy…

that you wont be able to count even 320 if you were to stand on that heat with near 100% humidity…

so yes sir…you are right…

VVS innings was far better…

Comment by straight point

Let’s work through a couple of your points carefully..

540 on a road, is not mammoth.

Far better SA attack!! WTF, are you saying that Steyn, Ntini et al, are better than the best fast bowler of all time, the best spinner of all time, and Jason Gillespie, who at that time, was on fire. I’m not having that!

The rest, i’m with you on, but those two, I’ll dispute all day long..

Comment by Suave

i said not in comparison of GM, Warne…i said in terms of contemporaries…

and it was not his fault that he was not facing them that day…

Comment by straight point

and if you agree on rest with me than yes sir…even 540 were mammoth on what you call ROAD…

Comment by straight point


I’m not saying it is his fault, I’m just saying that IMARNWSHO, Laxman’s was the better innings. I’m not disparaging Sehwag, I’m merely pointing out that his innings was inconsequential in the grander scheme of things.

Comment by Suave

then your question in itself was wrong…you should have picked two comparable innings to pose some tougher Q…

this isnt even a comparison…

Comment by straight point

Straight Point, I wrote this, because I’d read a lot of people saying it was the best test match innings they’d ever seen (including Mickey Arthur, SA’s coach).

There were also a lot of people saying it was greatest on Robs Lobs, at Cricinfo

I don’t believe it to be the best indian innings ever seen, let alone all test match innings.

And I feel, that I have the right to ask that question, because I am ruler of the modern world, and I’m always right 😉

Comment by Suave

In terms of watching it, it was one of [ONE OF]the ones I’ve enjoyed the most, but in terms of effect on a game / series / life in general, then VVS hands down. It’s interesting to ponder, though, what innings might be considered the most significant in terms of their effect on a game / series / life in general.

Comment by Miriam

I agree. It was much better entertainment, than pretty much every other innings I’ve ever seen..

I’m trying to work that one out myself. I’ll do a post on it, at sometime, but it’s hurting my head at the moment.

Comment by Suave

The man made 319 off 304 balls. Between them, Jaffer and Dravid made 184 off 457 balls, splendid match-saving innings, but preventing either side from winning.
Harbhajan was by far India’s best bowler, taking 8 for 275.
What more could Sehwag do? Laxman at least had support from the bowlers, Harbhajan taking 13 for 196 and Tendulkar 3 for 31.
Sehwag’s was the perfect match-winning innings, but no-one else turned up.

Comment by Kym

That’s a very fair point Kym..

If he had been supported a little more, it MIGHT have happened.

The pitch however, was the easiset pitch in the world though. If Amla & Mackenzie, who are fair to middling at best, can both score over 200 runs in a test match, it’s never going to produce a result.

Laxman did it while they were hundreds of runs behind, against the best team (and the best spin and fast bowler) in the world, when his team were one-nil down in a three match series.

That changed the course of the series.

Sehwag deserved more, but in the end it is only a personal milestone.

Comment by Suave

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