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India in “We can’t play on anything but featherbeds”, shocker

Tickets please, onwards mighty fail boat!

Well f*ck my old boots, India have been beaten like their daddies should have done.

A test innings over in under 20overs, that my friends is proper fucking shite!

120 balls.  that’s full blown rape and pillaging.

Steyn, Ntini & Morkel must have been very angry this morning, because they ripped through the Indian line up, like a hot knife through butter.

There is no finer sight in cricket, than fired up quicks, ripping teams apart, and making them cry like babies.  That has well and truly happened here.

If reports are to be believed, Kumble was unhappy with the groundsman leaving grass on the wicket.  Which makes me think, why on earth would you choose to bat first on a green wicket, that has moisture in it, against one of the best seam attacks in the world (you have no idea, how hard it was to type that! I feel unclean), on day one of a test match.

It wasn’t all brilliant bowling, (although it was brilliant bowling), according to them that watched it, the shot selection of a few players was suspect.


In reply The Evil Empire have scored 84/1 off 16 overs.

After yesterdays debarcle, where I struggled to write my own name, today has come as welcome respite.

Test cricket at it’s finest.

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Full blown rape and pillaging eh, as opposed to partial rape and pillaging?

I’m not sure rape’s the word though… India seemed almost willing to bend over and take it.

Personally, I’m looking forward to South Africa inflicting this, rape or not, on England.

Comment by Miss Field

one collapse and we have a heading

India in “We can’t play on anything but featherbeds”, shocker

like the pitches in england…sa…and oz were dud ones…and we not even won at perth…its was just an april fool joke played little early…

Comment by straight point

The vikings tell me there is a difference!!

That won’t happen Missy, We shall be rightly restored to badshahs soon!

Comment by Suave

Come on, there hasn’t been a proper juicy first morning pitch in years. The first sign of one, and the top order collapsed like a deck of cards!

20 overs man, 120 balls. all out. That’s hilarious!

Comment by Suave

i think your mind bleeped out memories of j’brg…

Comment by straight point

I do seem to have a block, are we talking about New Zealand?

Comment by Suave

South Africa 84 in 25 overs v India Johannesburg in december’06

Comment by straight point

the last series we had with SA…in SA

Comment by straight point

Ah yes.. I’m sure I laughed heartily at that too!

I laugh at all teams when they get skittled for next to nothing. Even The England.

Comment by Suave

We do a lot of laughing in England.

Comment by The Atheist

Yes sir we do..

It’s a laugh a minute sunshine paradise!

We should be working for The Englands Tourist Board, Ath…

Comment by Suave

i laugh at the collapse too…with the difference that i don’t ‘tag’ teams for just one bad performance…or collapse…

and thats what i highlighted that one collapse (however hilarious) can not wipe out all the good showings in recent past…

Comment by straight point

It’s a fair cop guv!

They have played well recently. But they have been shit today.

If anyone is really shit on any days cricket, I’ll bag em..

Comment by Suave

All out in 20 overs…I have not seen the highlights, but it sounds awful

Comment by pryce6

It’s funny, and bad, and excellent, and crazy all at the same time, which is what test cricket should be about!

Comment by Suave

nice greentop at port of spain too. makes even the windies quicks look good!

very refreshing.

Comment by ddm

too right ddm.. It’s refreshing to see a game where the bowlers get a chance as well..

I’m so bored of 500+ scores, imagine how bored you’d be if you were one of the bowlers on the receiving end!

Comment by Suave

[…] months, and today destroyed India’s batting lineup, taking 5-23 (youtube here) as India slumped, collapsed and generally panicked their way to 76 all […]

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20/Twenty chumps LOL.

Comment by Mentalist

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