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April 1, 2008, 1:57 pm
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Three times someone has visited my site today, typing in…

jimmy anderson twat

You sir are more than welcome here.

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It was me!

Comment by Miss Field

Brilliant, then you’re welcome, as always!

Comment by Suave

Was I the first blog to appear when you type that?

Comment by Suave

It wasn’t really me, but thanks anyway.

Comment by Miss Field

I just looked, you’re third. Get busy son, you should be first!

Comment by Miss Field

I’m first in google uk, which is good enough for me!

Comment by Suave

If only your cricket team didn’t think the same way.

Comment by Miss Field

Oooh cutting..


Comment by Suave

Are they checking if he has a twat, or whether he is a twat?

Comment by jrod

That’s the eternal question Jrod.. Is he or does he?

I’m sure if I think hard enough, there’s a whole post in that debate.

Comment by Suave

Maybe two…

Comment by jrod

Very true.

Although struggling to write my name today.

Drinking on a school night…

Comment by Suave

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