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South Africa Line Up Sehwag ‘Weakness’
April 1, 2008, 1:44 pm
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I love this.

The Evil Empire (Cricket With Balls™), have announced that they’ve found the weakness in Virender Sehwag’s game (other than his penchant for pies, and not being able to move his leaden feet).

South Africa coach Mickey Arthur said his team had noticed a weakness while analysing the video replays of the Indian opener’s innings.

“When we had a look at it, the first pull shot that Viru played was at 312,” Arthur told a news conference on Tuesday.

“We think we can target him with short balls into the body. We think he cuts very, very well.

“Third man then becomes an attacking option for use and we’ll target him with such short balls into the body early on and see how he manages with that.”

He’s right he can’t pull, there’s hardly any pictures of Sehwag on the pull anywhere!

Fuck me.. It took their bowling attack 312 runs to realise he can’t pull.  You’ve got to worry about a bowling attack, and their overral intelligence, if it takes them 300 odd deliveries to realise a batsman struggles against a fast straight bouncer.

I can’t pull for toffee.  I once fractured my cheekbone top edging a pull shot, and tend to cry if the ball bounces above my bollocks. and I get found out almost every week, by the opposing quicks.

Lucky Virender doesn’t have to face Southgate’s 3rd XI on a flat slow wicket in Crouch End, I can tell you!

In other news, Party Boy Shoaib Akhtar has been banned from first class cricket, by the PCB for five years.

Not really sure what this means. I’m assuming he now won’t be able to play in the IPL.  I guess it’s lucky for him there’s a rival tournament who don’t care about NOC’s etc..

It won’t be long before we see him in the Badshahs, I wager.

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Inzi and Akhtar in the same team.. what fun!!!!

Comment by Homer

Wouldn’t it be! Actually, he’d probably end up elsewhere, becuase of that..

Comment by Suave

Create Rawalpindi Rowdies for Akhtar and co. They may even show up for some games.

Comment by Naked Cricket

First Pull shot on 312, i think mockey might need a few good pull shots to clear his head.

Comment by jrod

“When we had a look at it, the first pull shot that Viru played was at 312″… priceless. Anyway, came across another one on good old Viru:

England’s 2001 tour to India was into the third Test, at Bangalore. In India 1st innings, Ashley Giles was busy implementing Nasser Hussain’s version of leg theory—over the wicket, with the ball landing a foot or more outside leg stump, to choke the Indian batsmen into submission, bore them into error. Out in the middle, Sachin Tendulkar countered largely by sticking his rump out and letting the ball hit that well-padded part of his anatomy, while Rahul Dravid countered by moving across to off, allowing the bowler and wicket-keeper to play with each other.

In that knock, Tendulkar faced 112 deliveries from Giles; he scored 35 off the bowler, and 99 were dot balls. Dravid did even better—or worse, depending on how you see the thing: 34 balls faced, not one single run scored off the left arm orthodox ‘spinner’.

Dravid then got out; back in the dressing room, he found himself seated next to a fuming Sehwag. ‘What were you guys doing, playing that *&&%*%%# with your arse?’, Sehwag fumed. ‘Just wait till I get out there—I’ll @&&&@%%$ him’. Dravid patiently pointed out that India was behind England’s score; that caution was the need of the hour; that Sehwag should not take any needless risks…

‘Kya buddhon ki tarah baat karthe ho, yaar!’ (translates to “fuck me, what kind of geriatric talk is that?”), Sehwag shot back. And as Ganguly fell, grabbed up his bat and gloves and almost ran down the dressing room steps. Long story short: He greeted Giles with a reverse sweep for four, and hit another five off the spinner while taking 26 runs off 27 balls faced.

Not a lot of runs but enough to prove a point I guess…

Comment by Ray

Ray, that’s brilliant, and highlights Sehwag’s genius!

Thanks for sharing that.

Comment by Suave

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