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David Barry Wins “A made up picture of pure delight!”
April 1, 2008, 11:37 am
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For David Barry

As winner of the first ever six word quiz, David Barry from Pappubahry gets a made up picture.

This picture represents Matthew Hayden, the bear-like, orphan eating, f*ckhead, and his aversion to the swinging ball.

Much like most bearlike biffers, they are great at playing through the line, on pitches with little movement. When it starts to swing, whether reverse or normal, they get scared of the little pussy cat.

That my friend is art.

F art.

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Thankyou Suave. My very own cricket picture-metaphor!

Comment by David Barry

A pleasure David..
We’re highbrow over here. It’s like reading a Milan Kundera or Paulo Cuelho novel.

Comment by Suave


Comment by The Atheist

Did you get this idea from my comment on Miss Field’s blog? because if so, where’s my sodding acknowledgement, and if not, that is really spooky.

Comment by Miriam

i’ve not seen your comment today, which is spooky. I did a GIS for scared bear, and that’s what it came back with. How very queer. You know me mims, if i get the idea from someone else, they always get the credit!

Comment by Suave

That is very VERY spooky! Y, I thought it was unlike you, to the extent that I scoured the previous post to see if the acknowledgement was there. I’m all creeped out now.

Comment by Miriam

Don’t get creeped out.. It’s a shared love of internet stupidity that did it!

Great minds think a like and all that jazz.

If it’s any consolation, I hope you like the interpretation..

Comment by Suave

I like the interpretation very much. It is perfect. Matthew Hayden is a bear, he is up a tree, and he has been chased up there by the best thing ever, a ginger cat representing the swinging ball. What’s not to like?

Comment by Miriam

I was wondering what you all were on about.

That is very strange, considering that incident happened two years ago.

Comment by Miss Field

And now you know..

Certainly a little weird to think that Mims is controlling my mind.

Comment by Suave

Miss Field, I know! It’s not even a recent news story!

Comment by Miriam

Stop controlling my mind Mims.

I don’t want to go to watch a band tonight and get drunk. I want to be at home unpacking and stuff.
you’re so bad to me!

Comment by Suave

I may be bad, but I make it feel so good.

Comment by Miriam

(sorry. that was smutty)

Comment by Miriam

yes mims that is smutty. It’s now your fault i have a smutty mind. Thanks for relieving me of all blame where that lies. No i’m off to drink excessively and listen to too loud rock and roll. Fare ye well

Comment by Suave

I don’t know what is so amusing, being scared of gingers is a serious phobia! Shame on you.

Comment by Mentalist

Mentalist, as a member of the ginger-tinged fraternity, I know full well that it is NO LAUGHING MATTER.

Comment by Miriam


not fraternity

Comment by Miriam

Mims, are you trying to tell us something? Are you a ginger man in disguise?

Shit, you’re not Paul Collingwood are you!

Comment by Suave

And what if I am? I thought this was the home for 30-something gingers?

Comment by Miriam

It is Mims.. Ageing ginger all-rounders are my bread and butter.

Comment by Suave

Oi – less of the ageing if you don’t mind!

Comment by Miriam

Sorry! Although we are all ageing Miriam. I am feeling especially old today.

Comment by Suave

We are all ageing, but I feel young, as if spring has sprung.

Comment by Miriam

That’s good to hear. I like my readers happy.

Comment by Suave

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