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March 31, 2008, 1:51 pm
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After the relative success of the six word reviews, Miriam suggested that I create a six word review, for my loyal viewers to guess.

If it goes well, we’ll make it into a weekly fixture, and I’ll look at a nice prize for the winner.

Almost Olympian aloofness, massive run scorer.

Answers on the back of a postcard..

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Lord snooty-sourav ganguly?though the run scoring is doubtful

Comment by 1 more


Comment by Ottayan

1 more, I can see where you’re coming from, but no, it’s not Lord Snooty.

Nor is it Jacques Kallis, Ottayan..

Keep them guesses coming!

Comment by Suave

Damien Martyn… Surely no one is more aloof than he…

Comment by jrod

Not a bad effort there, seeing as it’s the middle of the night! But no, it’s not the interior designer.

Comment by Suave

Having demanded the quiz, I’m now really struggling. Is Olympian meant to hint at god-like, or am I overanalysing?
Or is it meant to hint at Greek?
Pothas? Oh no, you said massive run scorer.

Comment by Miriam

It’s not really to do with freakygreekyness.

It’s more to do with the player’s attitude.

It’s not Sachin or Pothas.

Comment by Suave


Comment by Miriam

further back and ye shall find, the answer to this little rhyme.

Comment by Suave

Mark Waugh.

Comment by David Barry

Tis not Mr Barry…

For the answer I require, further back in time, you should enquire.

Comment by Suave


Comment by Miriam

A good answer young mims, any closer, and I’d open the pimms.

Not sure where this stupid f*cking rhyming has come from, but in my head, I’m like a little elf with a big pointy hat, dancing and singing rhymes.

Slightly worrying, I must say!

Comment by Suave


Comment by David Barry


Comment by Miriam

Inzamam-ul-Haq? Massive and aloof.

Comment by Aashrey

It is WG?

Comment by A P Webster

no,’s got it yet, but it’s one of the true greats of world cricket. Keep guessing my lovelies. Xxx

Comment by Suave


Comment by David Barry

david barry. You are the winner of suave’s first ever quiz. I will have a think about the prize, and get back to you. Well done one and all. Be sure to check back next week for more six word wonders!

Comment by Suave

Ah – “massive” run scorer – I get it now.

Comment by Miriam

Indeed Mims, in more than one sense..

over 50000 first class runs. From the photo’s I’ve seen he looks like the sort of bloke Hayden would want to be. bear like.

The “almost Oympian aloofness” came from his obituary in Wisden.

Comment by Suave

Damnit, I should have googled “almost Olympian aloofness” right at the start, and then I might have won the as-yet-unspecified prize.

Comment by Miriam

I’m surprised no-one did it earlier, I nearly didn’t do it, because I thought it was too easy!

Comment by Suave

I missed it!

I’m sure I would have guessed it, too…

Comment by The Atheist

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