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Silly Sehwag fails.
March 31, 2008, 10:17 am
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That bloody Suave has jinxed me, I’d have taken Lara’s record if it weren’t for him and his pesky predictions!

“I say, capital innings, what?”

That phrase comes from Samir Chopra at Eye On Cricket.

It was a cracking innings, but it was played on a road.  Fancy being a bowler in the subcontinent?  Where innings regularly hit 500?  No thank you very much….

Viru did very well, but he should have gone on to break Lara’s record.  On that track Lara would have scored a eleventymillion runs.  And that’s a fact!

What else happened this weekend?  Nothing really, Amla scored more runs, Neil Mackenzie too.  The result was utterly predictable, with a scoreboredraw thing.

Can’t we get groundsman (or as you wacky southern hemisphere types like to say, curators) to create pitches that do a bit for both?

Please for the love of god, no-one wants to see eleventythousand runs in a game, with no chances..  We need the bowlers involved too.


Suave has now moved into Suave Mansion II, and has just employed a team of Manilla tailors, to look after the Suave wardrobe.

So that’s nice.

In other cricket news, err there isn’t any.

I haven’t seen any cricket, and I don’t get Sky til the 12th April, so won’t be able to watch any.

Never fear though, I shall plagiarise others work, and pass it off as my own, in the meantime.

Only kidding,

No i’m not.

No I am.

Ha ha, had you there for a minute didn’t I?!

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Eleventy is such a lovely word.

Comment by Miss Field

I know! My nephew was saying this weekend, and I thought it deserved to get more of an airing!

Comment by Suave

You’re a pioneer, Suave. And a revolutionary. Maybe that’s going a bit far, but definitely a pioneer.

Comment by Miss Field

One out of two ain’t bad!

I can live with that.

Comment by Suave

why its only one subcontinent player who have achieved this despite as you said history of such flat tracks…and only lara out of contemporary greats??

then what would you say to bowlers who gets wickets in overcast, seaming, bouncier wickets….??

and what about those who fail even on these flat wickets??

Comment by straight point

It’s a straight point you make there..

Did you see what I did there, clever eh!

They never used to make pitches that flat, until the rise of ODI’s took over from test match cricket in the subcontinent.
It’s only since the seventies, that they’ve started using covered pitches, so that has made it easier.
Don’t get me wrong, Sehwag’s innings was majestical, but he could have got more.

Also, Jayawardene has scored 374. so he’s not the only one!

Any quality player will utiliise whatever is in fornt of them, pitch wise. A lot of quality players will fail, because they think it’s too easy to bat on, and a lot of bowlers fail on seaming, swinging wickets, because they expect to get them.
You’ve still got to apply those skills, as Dravid, Amla, Sehwag and Mackenzie did.

Comment by Suave

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