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The England are in a very strong position in this test match now.  We require five wickets (two of them proper no11’s), NZ require 231 runs or to bat out the whole day.

So let’s look back at what’s happened since I’ve been away.

Ryan Sidebottom took 7/47 in The Englands best bowling display since Harmison ripped apart the West Indies for 7/12.  He looked a bit flat in NZ’s second innings, but so would you be, after the bowling he did in the first innings.

Stuart Broad supported him ably, with 3/54 in the second innings.  He has also scored 73 runs in this test match, and taken 2/40 in the fourth innings.  Proper no 8 mad skillz.  He’s big, he’s bad, he’s better than his dad, Stuart Broad, Stuart Broad.

Jimmy Anderson has reverted to type. If it swings he’s fine.   Unfortunately his stock delivery appears to be short, wide, smash.  To let Matthew Bell, who was still looking shit, get 17 runs in an over, is just wrong.  He’s bowled 17 overs for 108 runs with no wickets in this test match.   Shithead.

Andrew Strauss has restored his place in the squad for the summer, by scoring a BIG hundred.  177 is his highest first class score.  He looked fantastic too.  I know I was suggesting he get his wings clipped recently, everyone was, but if this really is a return to confidence, I’ll be happy with the posh lad.   He decided to play within his body width, drove nicely, cut and pulled as well as he did when he burst on to the scene (10 hundreds in 30 innings), and played the spinners superbly.

Ian Bell looked like the MCC coaching manual, and a bit of a tough guy.  Usually, he’ll knock of a few sublime shots in the V, and then the opposing captian will bring the field in, and he gets out.  This time, he went aerial, and made it look so easy!  He needs to do this more often.

Stephen Fleming got his career average up to 40, then was out almost immediately after.  I’m not happy with that.  Mike Atherton was saying that there should be no place in test match cricket for personal milestones, when there’s a bigger team picture.  Fleming needed to bat for a day.  He got the average, then appeared to switch off.

Matthew Sinclair decided he didn’t fancy the flight to The England, and was shit again.

In other news, Sri Lanka are spanking the West Indies, and may win their first ever test match in carribbean climes.

Sunil Gavaskar is saying that his dad is bigger than The England’s and Australias.  Which is quite a turnaround.  His dad used to be a wimp that we all picked on.  But it seems the auld fella has beefed up and learnt hand to hand combat.

Also let’s not forget that according to someone with taste in abundence,  Suave the cricket blogger is awesome.

Unfortunately, they didn’t find their way to my site, but they did arrive at two other wonderful cricket blogs:  Cricket With Balls  and Miss-Field

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Suave the man is divine.

Comment by jrod

Awww Shucks, stop it, I’m blushing..

Comment by Suave

Blind faith does it again for Suave.

Good going!

I’m not so sure that Straussy’s efforts always looked great. There was plenty of swing ‘n misses. It’s just that the Kiwis are so pisspoor they didn’t exploit this.

Comment by The Atheist

Science, The Atheist. It’s pure science, i tells ya.

At the beginning yes, but he moved on after the first hour or so, and played very nicely.

Comment by Suave

God, a few days ago you were going to take your pitchfork to him, today he’s not such a bad guy.

Comment by Miss Field

That’s because he’s done the job he’s paid for. A number 3 batsman, should score hundreds. He hadn’t since novemeber 2006.

Comment by Suave

Imagine doing what you’re paid to do – must be such a novel concept in the world of English cricket.

Comment by Miss Field

it certainly is!

Also, there would be no Suave’s republique if I had to do what I was paid to!

Comment by Suave

Well I don’t dare say doing what you’re paid to is a novel concept and applies to the population of England because I really would have farmers with pitchforks after me, and I could run but I’m not sure I could survive for long in the desert.

Comment by Miss Field

Wonder how many Vettori will get. Some guilt free sloggin 50s up for grabs here.

Comment by Naked Cricket

You said there are two proper number 11’s.

Just looking at the scorecard, did you mean Southee?

Comment by jrod

ha Southee was GREAT today! I enjoyed. Bring him to England please NZ.

Comment by Miriam

No, I meant Jeetan Patel. Obviously. Unfortunately, no-one had ever seen the buck toothed young buck before. Ian Smith reckons he could be the next Chris Cairns.

Comment by Suave

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