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The England fight their way from absolute shit, to a bit shit.

I play with a bunch of halfwits.. lucky I’m not bad, eh!

Kevin Pietersen got the runs that were obviously saved in his run bank, and by doing so, saved The England’s blushes.

After last nights super angry RANT, I’ve calmed down a touch, and will provide a proper analysis of the days play.

Michael Vaughan is still stupid.

Strauss is going to be whipped within an inch of his life, if I get hold of the posh twat.

Cook needs to be sent back to county cricket to work out where his off-stump is. Stupid naked cricketer.

Collingwood needs to push on, and make a good score soon. Ambrose is forgiven as he’s new and he’ll need a little run in the side to get used to international cricket.

Stuart Broad was superb in making 42no, and supported KP ably with a 61 run partnership.

From a NZ point of view, Young buck Tim Southee bowled superbly to take 3/43.

Martin and Elliott were excellent in support, both taking a wicket.

Jeetan Patel took 2 and supported his skipper nicely.

Vettori looked a bit flat to be honest, but his captaincy was good.

It’s going to be an interesting day tomorrow. Stuart broad needs to push on and get us over the 300 run mark. If he can, it’ll give us a small chance.

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I really do not understand why Broad was ignored. When I watched him playing against us I felt that he will much better cricketer than his father.

BTW, is n’t this what Test cricket is all about, a see-saw battle strectched over 5 days and if one team wins by the length of their nose, it makes exhiariting viewing.

Being the decider, this should be a humdinger.(spell?)

Keep the faith.:)

Comment by Ottayan

He’s still young, but he’s there now, and I don’t see him losing his place for a while.

And you’re right, it could be a humdinger (correct spelling), let’s hope so.

Comment by Suave

there is no way Strauss shuould in tht team, a bit harsh calling Vaughn stupid though

Comment by ben3to

It is a bit harsh ben3to, but he’s been out three times in three tests, playing down the wrong line.. There’s only so many times you can say it’s great bowling..

Comment by Suave

fair point, not many openers should be out bowled if thier techniques right, let alone 3 times

Comment by ben3to

I wouldn’t call Vaughn stupid, insipid, uninspiring, a beige coloured turd perhaps.

But not stupid.

Comment by J Rod

He must have said something inspiring at lunch. Fuck my old boots, we’re in a winning position!!

I fell asleep as we were 93-1 and woke up to find we’d bowled them out for 168.

Ryan Sidebottom is going to get some man love from swarv.

Comment by Suave

Don’t say it too loudly or the other boys will be jealous.

Comment by Miss Field

I was hoping it might keep the bearlike f*ckheads from trying to bang my door down!

Comment by Suave

Well you don’t want them lynching young Ryan instead now eh?

Comment by Miss Field

Ryan, you can have anything you want. I mean anything.

Comment by The Atheist

Is it just me or is Ryan getting better-looking by the day.

Comment by Miriam

Miriam! It’s not a better looking Ryan, it’s just Kevin.

Comment by Miss Field

i meant as Ryan’s star ascends, is he seeming to be better lookng.

Comment by Miriam

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