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Miss-Field and the Kolkata Knight Riders
March 18, 2008, 2:16 pm
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Miss-Field has written a nice post on the name of Shah Rukh Khan’s cricket team,

You can find it here…

Jrod asked where the hoff jokes were, well he’s back in 2003 playing a match winning innings for the ‘strayans..

The hoff, in “I’m great at cricket” shocker

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Nice work. I like the extra stuff down the left side, looks good. And I’m next to Mike Hussey… would rather be one line up, but no complaints here.

Thanks 🙂

Comment by Miss Field

I remember that game.

Comment by J Rod

So you want to be next to King Cricket..

Blimey, this cricket blogging lark is tres incestuous.

Comment by Suave

Jrod, he got a 10fer and a centruy.. Then he got injured and Shane Watson tooke over.

Comment by Suave

[…] against Delhi being rained off. I have two observations to make on this: firstly, this will deny cricket bloggers everywhere the opportunity to link to pictures of David Hassellhoff. Secondly, having a match rained off is […]

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