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Bob Woolmer
March 18, 2008, 12:26 pm
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Here’s to a great man

I belatedly remembered that it was the first anniversery of the death of Bob Woolmer, and I was overcome with sadness.

Here is a link to tributes for Mr Woolmer.

Inzamam had the following to say, in an interview with AFP.

Both Inzamam and Mushtaq said they were willing to help at Woolmer’s academy in South Africa. “I feel for his family because they are the real sufferers. Whenever they need me to coach at Bob’s academy, I will be more than willing to go,” said Inzamam. “Perhaps through this we can pay back for what he did for Pakistan.”

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Was that a year ago?! No way! Tempus fugit for shiz.

Comment by Miss Field

It was, and it does.

I was nursing a rather large hangover, when it happened.

Gladly, no hangover today.

Comment by Suave

You’re right, how could I forget, they were playing Ireland on St Patrick’s day.

Comment by Miriam

Indeed they were, a famous victory for the Irish too..
Alas today, they got their arses handed to them by the mighty Bangladesh

Comment by Suave

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