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Is Sidebottom the best left arm seamer in the world?
March 17, 2008, 11:03 am
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Jonathon Liew, over at The Corridor does a nice little article on left arm seamers.

Here’s a list of the best left-arm seamers in Test cricket since 2000, with a qualification of 2000 balls.

1) Franklin (NZ) 76 wkts @ 28.2
2) Sidebottom (Eng) 45 wkts @ 28.4
3) Vaas (SL) 223 wkts @ 29.5
4) Wasim Akram (Pak) 31 wkts @ 30.0
5) Pathan (Ind) 100 wkts @ 31.4

Franklin tops the list, but take away two series against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe and he slips to fourth. Do the same to Pathan and his average soars to 44.

Sidey’s got a long way to go, but he’s definitely got more to his bowling than someone like Vaas, who tends to bore batsmen out these days.

RP Singh, just reaches the 2000 ball mark, he’s bowled 2012 deliveries and taken 40 wickets @ 33.22
Zaheer Khan has bowled over 10,000 deliveries, and has taken 170 wickets @ 33.6.

So I do declare..

That SIDEY IS TEH President… We don’t have monarchs here. This is a bloody republic.

See I told you..  Every test match, Sidey seems to be leading the boys off.

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To understand a man, you don’t need to look at the balls, but the head, my friend.

Comment by The Atheist

Err yes..

I shall try to avoid trying to understand fellow men, by looking at their balls.

Comment by Suave

What about his hips…

Comment by J Rod

Hips and lips.

That’s all I want in a woman.

Luckily, being a serial killer, i often collect womens parts

Comment by Suave

what ABOUT his hips JRod? something you’d care to tell us?

Atheist, so THAT is what I have been doing wrong all these years.

Comment by Miriam

No Mims, you’re on the right track…

A man can only think with his head or his genitalia. Not both at the same time. Too much blood leaving the heed/

Comment by Suave

Side-whateverhisnameis for captain?

Comment by Miss Field

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